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Mar / September 24th, 2015


The episode starts off with Cory and Topanga in the kitchen doing late night work when Riley comes out pretending that she’s sleep walking. Riley wants to know what they are doing up so late and Topanga tells her that people are trying to kick out the owners of a bookstore so that they can put in a new fast food restaurant. Riley then says to her dad “Mom’s trying to save the world how are you going to top that?” and Cory answers by saying he’s trying to get through Maya’s paper. Riley tells him that he definitely won.
The next morning Maya crawls through the Bay Window and Riley is pondering how she will ever be as good as her parents. Maya tells her that she’ll do stuff and that she’s lucky to have them because not many kids do have parents like them. In the next scene they are in class and Cory ask them what they know about Ferdinand Magellan and ask them to write down the one thing in life that they consider impossible. There is a funny scene between Maya and Farkle when Cory tells Farkle to take a shot by throwing their crumpled paper and when he does it hits Maya in the head. Maya turns around smiling at him and Farkle asks her why she’s smiling so pretty at him and she answers “because I want the last thing you ever see to be nice” and she jumps out of her seat to get him but Lucas jumps in before she can get to him and puts Maya back in her seat. Cory tells Farkle he’s going to become an athlete and that, Lucas will teach him to be one. He then turns to Riley and asks her if there is anything in her mind that she considers to be impossible and Riley tells him that she could never be as good as him and Topanga. When the bell rings Riley says that the only thing going away is her and that she can’t compete with him in life and that she must do it all alone by herself then hollers’ to Maya.

Riley thinks that she should be a nun at an orphanage because she’ll never be as good as Cory and Topanga. The Nun tells her that she’s sorry to hear that Riley thinks that life doesn’t hold a promise for her. Maya explains to the Nun that Riley feels she’ll never be as good as her parents. Topanga comes out of the orphanage and which makes Riley change her mind about being a nun. In the mean time Lucas is trying to teach Farkle how to be an athlete. After Riley leaves the orphanage she then takes Maya to the circus where she tells the clown that she wants to join. The clown tells her he relates because he felt that he could never live up to his Dad. The clown tells her that he has a teacher who dedicates his time volunteering for them. It turns out that the teacher is Cory.

In the next scene Riley and Maya are now back home and Riley is freaking out because she’ll never be able to compete with her parents. When Riley picks up the blanket from her bed it turns out Auggie was hiding under it eating spaghetti. After Auggie leaves the room Riley begins to tell Maya the story of her parents how the first time she went over to her dad’s house. It then flashes back to the scene in Boy Meets World when Cory is trying to teach Topanga to play basketball with throwing socks in the laundry basket. It shows that Maya and Riley are there. We also see the Donut in the Sky flashback and in the background you can see Maya doing it as well. At the end of the episode Riley realizes that she is unique and has the best of both parents in her. There is also a last scene in the classroom where Farkle high fives Maya which mirrors the scene in Boy Meets World when Topanga and Cory high fived. Only with Maya and Farkle there was no connection there. There is also the scene at the very end when Riley tells her dad in front of the cast that she’ll never be him and Topanga. He pulls out his read baseball cap and puts it on. Cory asks where she got it and she tells him that he gave it to her along time ago. They then share a hug.

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