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Sef / September 17th, 2015 / 1 Comment


Photo Credit: Rowan’s Facebook

MTV News interviewed Rowan as she’s promoting her upcoming Disney Channel Original Movie “Invisible Sisters” which premieres Friday, October 9th at 8/7c. She talked about feminism, and said that there’s an upcoming episode of Girl Meets World titled “Girl Meets Sludge” that is tackling that topic, said that she wants there to be a gay/lesbian character on Girl Meets World in Season 3, and revealed that she’s trying to start a magazine that is yearly with her friend for teens made by teens:

Details on on her upcoming new magazine:

“My friend and I are trying to start and annual magazine-type thing that is by teens, for teens,” Blanchard said. “All of my friends are so intelligent, but you would never know that because of the way the media portrays teens. They have so many views on everything — from feminism to police brutality to Islamophobia. Just tons of things that are getting written about by people who are my age that aren’t getting recognized because of their age.”

What kind of things she wants to see on Girl Meets World:

“We’re doing an episode about feminism, and it’s called ’Girl Meets Sludge,’” Blanchard said. “The statistics of young girls in math and science is much lower than boys, so we did an episode about that, about the gender bias against girls in science. It’s great that we can use our platform to talk about these issues because they’re important and they’re affecting young people.”

Blanchard is also pushing for more representation at John Quincy Adams Middle School next season.

“We want as many kids represented on our show as possible, so I’ve talked to the writers about having a gay or lesbian character for next season because I really would love that,” she said. “I also really want an episode about racism because that’s a huge issue, and I just want our show to cover as many topics as we can because of the position that we’re in. I think it’s important.”

“There’s a group of us — me, Zendaya and few other people — who have really embraced the fact that we’re just trying to get our message across, and we’re not allowing ourselves to be put in a box because we’re on the Disney Channel,” she said. “I think it’s really nice because a lot of times Disney can get branded as generic, but we’re breaking down these barriers of what it means to be on Disney.”


Read the rest of the interview at MTV News here: http://www.mtv.com/news/2274099/rowan-blanchard-teen-feminist-revolution/


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