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Greetings everyone,

We’ve decided to re-open our forums today (it was closed for nearly a year). The main reason why we’ve brought the forums back is because we’re doing Google Hangouts (we’ve implemented this a few weeks ago and it was a hit – thank you for tuning in!) and it’s much easier for everyone to submit their questions in our Google Hangout forum. We had people ask on our Facebook page and Twitter, but we find this much easier. You can also sign in via your Twitter/Facebook account on top right of forums instead of signing up for an account on forums so this makes it much easier for everyone to login.

We also have a forum called Episode Discussion. As the title says, this is where you discuss the episodes of Girl Meets World. We’ll still be using our social media accounts (Facebook and Twitter) to interact with our fans (we’re a fan page). We’re using this forum for discussing episodes / Google Hangout. Of course if you love message boards, you can sign up and post away. After all, we’re here as we’re Boy / Girl Meets World fans. We also have other new forums which you can see by checking out the forums.

Join our forums here: http://bmwsequel.com/community/

Finally, thank you everyone for always supporting us. We have grown so much since we opened our website in November 2012. We wouldn’t of been here if it wasn’t for you guys.

Thank you,

Sefket and Mar


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