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Mar / August 27th, 2015 / 12 Comments

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Photo Credit: Kristanna’s Instagram

According to Disney’s press site it says that Kristanna Loken is set to guest star in an upcoming  episode of Girl Meets World titled “I am Farkle”. The episode will center on Autism. Boy Meets World fans will remember Kristanna as Jennifer Bassett. The crazy ex-girlfriend of Rider Strong’s character, Shawn.  She will be playing Farkle’s mom in “I am Farkle” which is set to  air on the Disney Channel at 8:30PM eastern on September 11.

Source: Disney/ABC Press Site

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  • David Valentine

    YES! Mom comes Farckle

  • Steve

    Is this girl we thought would be Farkle’s mom??

    • Lauren Melanne Bell

      Not at all!!!!

      • Vivian

        I guessed it right.

  • Teddy Hawes

    YES. BOTH Stuart and Jennifer have reasons to Hate Cory. Stuart Hates Cory Because He Got Topanga & Jennifer Hates Cory Because Shawn Chose His Friendship With Cory Over Her

  • Tawny Rogacki

    I thought it would’ve been cool if Farkle’s mom was Harvey’s sister Theresa. That’s what I always suspected for some reason.

  • dxp2718

    Farkle has a mom? I thought he was a clone.

  • Katrina Dennehy

    They are going to talk about Aspergers ( which is part of the Autism spectrum ) About time they spread Awareness about the spectrum !

    • newsball

      hey kartina this isn’t the first show to do it, as parenthood did it for 5 years

      • David Tiberius Strock

        Parenthood really took it to the extreme. I don’t know that much about it. But I doubt that was realistic.

        • newsball

          then you don’t know much about autism my friend, as espcially when in season 4 i believe when max explained when he was running for class president about asperger’s, i did , in 7th grade a teacher gave me about 15 minutes to explain, so i would know as i have asperger’s

  • Cory Dominic

    Shes is playing the same character from Boy Meets World but now she married Minkus

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