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Mar / August 20th, 2015


We are going to try out something new with you all. Tomorrow night after the east coast showing of Girl Meets Creativity, a couple friends and I are going to do a Google Hangout where we will discuss the episode. This is going to be a test run and if we get a lot of people interested then starting in September every Saturday at 8PM EST/5PM PST. We will talk about the newest episode and Girl Meets World in general. We are really hoping it will be something that you guys will like. On the Facebook page we will make an event where those of you with Facebook can post on as you are listening and we’ll read some of your questions and comments on air. People with Twitter can just tweet us their comments/questions and if you don’t have social media account than don’t worry! You can either comment on here (we will make a post tomorrow that you all can comment on), or submit a question if you have a Gmail account through the Q and A feature that is on the hang out. We’ll explain how you can do that tomorrow night.

We hope you all will tune tomorrow at 9:15 Eastern! We won’t be giving anything big away!

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