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Girl Meets World / August 19th, 2015


Photo Credit: Peyton’s Instagram

KSiteTV.com interviewed Michael Jacobs (creator of both Boy and Girl Meets World ). The questions ranged from If Morgan is returning this season, whether or not the bringing in the Boy Meets World cast members is intentional,  what is Season’s 3 theme if we get a Season 3, why some characters left Boy Meets World, a little tease of Girl Meets Cory and Topanga, what to expect from Riley and Lucas’ story and more.


In addition to being educational and entertaining at the same time, in addition to appealing to young people, the show is appealing to adults who might have watched Boy Meets World. Have you been building that intentionally? Season 2 seems like every episode has something that I, in my thirties, would enjoy.

It is intentional. This is a continuation of a particular story, but it’s in a different world. The original series was in the 90’s and you would think that this was an extraordinarily advanced time, technologically, but it wasn’t. There were no cell phones yet. (trimmed this. )

There will be other additions coming in the high school that you may be wondering “well, where is such and such a character?” You’ll see them. You’ll see them all.

Is it hard to balance a reference that the brown ups might get – like when the show mentioned Lauren or brought Tommy back – so that kids could still understand “okay, that’s still funny” even if they don’t know who Tommy or Lauren might be?

It is, and here’s why: We’re doing an episode called “Girl Meets Cory & Topanga,” and without giving it away, I will tell you that the interface between Boy Meets World and Girl Meets World is strongest in that episode, because of a device we’re using. We had to keep in mind, just what you’re saying: Would the kids understand these stories if they don’t know the characters from the other episodes?

Also on that note of characters who disappeared, will we see either Morgan in the new series?

You will see Morgan. And now, the second question, without you even asking: If I could, I would cut the camera like they were the Olsen twins, and you’d see Lily, and then you’d see Lindsay. Then you’d see Lily, and then you’d see Lindsay. And I wouldn’t say a word about it. We’re going to have to make a decision. We’re going to have to make that decision based on the reality of the current situation of the the two people today, and I will just tell you: You will see Morgan, and you will see her this season.

“Girl Meets Semi-Formal” had some new developments in Riley’s relationship with Lucas. Can you talk about where that is headed?

There is something that’s happening between our two girls and our Lucas character.

Our first year was about friendship. Thematically, we were completely about friendship. Our second year was about growth. Well, if there is a third season — I’d like to believe there’s going to be — I think it’s going to be about feelings, and I think what happens when the tsunami of feelings hits — girls or guys who are leaving middle school for high school, taught extraordinarily and capably by Cory Matthews and the other teachers — can what they’ve learned be any match for the perfectly normal and wonderful feelings that invade the lives of people that are beginning high school and the next leg of their journey toward adulthood?

We think that’s going to be magnificent exploration, and I will tell you that the rest of Season 2 begins to go down that road, that anything you believe that’s going on, you’ll be wrong. We’re heading to something that we think is very fresh, very new, but it’s the endgame, and it’s going to take a long time for this story to play out. So what I would say is [that] everybody should sit back and really enjoy what I think is going to be an honest ride.

Read the rest of the fantastic interview at KSitetv.com here: http://www.ksitetv.com/interviews-2/ksitetv-interview-michael-jacobs-of-the-emmy-nominated-girl-meets-world/

Source: KSiteTV.com

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