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Girl Meets World   Friday, August 14th, 2015   11:20 am EST   8 Comments

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Picture Credit: Will Friedle’s Twitter

Will tweeted Cree Summer on Twitter today thanking them for the congratulations on his engagement. Congratulations Will Friedle on being engaged! We don’t know her name, but she’s certainly a very lucky lady.

Source: Will’s Twitter


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  • 226reo

    Tweeted “someone”??? Thats Cree Summer! She was Freddie in A Different World!

    • kb123

      Yes! Not to mention like every cartoon girls voice that wasn’t Tara Strong’s in the 90s!

    • Girl Meets World Fan Site

      I didn’t click their account so I wasn’t sure. I’m sorry about that. I updated the post. – Sef

  • AverageJudy

    You know who Cree Summer is, right? A Different World?

  • Joy Hall

    My sentiments EXACTLY 226reo and kb123. Unfortunately folks do not know an actress’ real name and younger folks who know the voice over work don’t recognize the photo on her Twitter. sad but true.

  • Susan Roeder Whitener

    Her name is Sue, I believe

    • Chrissy71278

      I think so too. He said her name on a podcast once.

  • 94beyond

    They worked together on Batman Beyond. Terry & Maxine happiness together, AWESOME!