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Girl Meets World / August 12th, 2015 / 6 Comments

Girl Meets Yearbook entered a new ground for Girl Meets World. It was mainly about the core group – Riley, Maya, Lucas and Farkle.  It was an hilarious episode and a great message. They find out that the 7th grade voted Maya and Lucas the favorite couple (a bit later after the opening), Riley was voted for smile herself to death, and Farkle was voted for “Most likely to be Farkle, Farkle”. After seeing what they got voted for both decided to change themselves. Riley turned into a dark Riley and Farkle turned into “Donnie Barnes: Regular Guy” (which they did an awesome parallel to with Boy with Minkus where he went from the nerd character to “Stuart Minkus: Regular Guy”).

Katy was back in this episode (we loved seeing her back).  Maya wanted to turn into Riley to make her realize that she shouldn’t change herself.  Katy said to Maya that she may learn things about them that she didn’t know before and that she may learn a secret even they don’t know about themselves. Riley replies “Nonsense, it’s impossible to become somebody else.”

She dressed up as Riley by putting her wig on, went to the classroom and mimicked her and Lucas and while she was doing that, realized that Riley thinks of  Lucas as a brother. After coming to that realization she said she didn’t want to be Riley anymore.

Lucas was a big part of this episode and we loved his lines.

We feel that this episode was in response to the Girl Meets World fandom as so many people ship Maya and Lucas together and they even referenced near the end of the episode “We don’t care what you say! We’re not crashing our ships”. People always say that Riley always smiles but we love that about her as that’s what keeps her innocence.

Cory’s lesson to the class was about Iceland and Greenland. It was about people are always going to say stuff, how you react to what they say is what makes you the person you are.

At the end, Topanga said to Katy “Do you ever do Maya”? She replies “Ooh, I can’t. When you have strong emotions for someone, it’s like its too hard to see straight”. Topanga replies “Do Shawn” and she goes for it. She failed and she replies to Topanga, “You set me up”. I wonder what this can mean.

Farkle said that its the new him as “Donnie Barnes: Regular Guy” but his name is Farkle Minkus. He said hes growing up and doesn’t know what will happen next. They’re his best friends and they have to deal with it

Boy Meets World reference:

Cory saying “The Jerks”, so hilarious!

Topanga said she was weird, Cory was celery.

Minkus changing from a nerd to a normal character “Start Minkus: Regular Guy”, and Farkle changing from a nerd to a normal character “Donnie Barnes: Regular Guy”

What did you think of the episode? Comment below!

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  • Reece Darlene

    I loved a lot of the things they did in this episode. But I think my favorite part is that Farkle is actually maturing as a character, and I hope they plan to make some changes in Riley, too. It just seems like this show is so well rounded until one of the characters is too over the top, typically Riley or Farkle, so I hope they plan to tone down some of this in both characters, even though they only announced it with Farkle. Also, I am so glad Lucas is coming into his own, he was such a quiet and, almost, inconsequential character in the beginning, and now I look forward to what he brings to his scenes.

  • Pajamaparty

    This was a good episode but middle of the pack for the second season. I respectfully disagree with another user’s comments regarding Riley. I don’t think she is over the top most of the time. The problem is though it has quickly became more of Maya and Farkle’s show than Riley’s. No disrespect to the wonderful actors who play Maya and Farkle but the show is still early in its run and doesn’t need to get too far away from the Matthews.

  • EBennetDarcy

    Best episode yet IMO. I’m excited to see where these developments lead us. I’d long wondered where the show was going given the fact that Maya and Lucas obviously have better chemistry than Riley and Lucas — for a while it seemed like the writers were being oblivious and trying to make a square peg fit in a circular hole, but perhaps they had a plan all along.

  • Covarr

    I liked the Riley impressions, and in some ways I thought this was one of the best non-Shawn episodes. I can’t wait to see where they go from here, and I’m really glad to see more emphasis put on larger plot arcs for a change.

  • Ashley

    I respectfully disagree with the fact that Maya and Lucas have chemistry… Riley and Lucas are far more suited if you want to talk about ships. It’s girl meets world and not Maya meets world..that would be terrible for her to be with Lucas knowing riles feelings. She cares for him like a brother right now but it’s just she’s not ready to date yet. If she cares for him like a brother then why did she act the way she did around him. If they explore the Lucaya thing I’m gonna have to say goodbye to this show. I rather no one be with no one. It’s just confusing me.

    • John May

      Maya would never do anything to upset Riley or her group of friends. So she would never pursue Lucas without first knowing that Riley wasn’t interested. That is what will happen, I think. There will come a time when Riley realizes that she only sees herself and Lucas as friends. Maya didn’t tell Riley the “secret” because she didn’t want to “crash the ships” She wasn’t doing it for selfish reasons. I hope this helps you to keep watching as to see the ever-changing lives of these complex characters. You never know what they will do, but I’m confidant that it will be very rewarding by the end.
      P.S If it helps, think of this show as a story about two best friends(Riley and Maya) and their undying friendship and love for each other. No matter what happens, they will always be the core of the show. Their friendship will be tested. A LOT. But in the end their bond of friendship with be a testament to the secret of life: People change people. They need each other and that isn’t going to change. As a whole the group need each other as well and I think in the end it will be about friendship above all else.

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