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Girl Meets World / July 29th, 2015 / 1 Comment

For those of you that don’t know, Girl Meets Fish was a season 1 episode but was moved to season 2 due to the “Who dun it” theme weekend that Disney wanted to do.

This episode was for the young audience. Riley was bringing the goldfish home but before she even got to do that, the fish died in the classroom. Auggie was narrating the episode (such a cutie) and he was investigating everyone to see who killed the fish but it turns out that he killed the fish accidentally by feeding it a lot of graham crackers. Ava was also back in this episode. Aren’t they cute? It was a cute episode for the young audience. There were some funny moments. Phil was hilarious as well. It was neat seeing the black and white setting in the episode just like in Boy Meets World “As Time Goes By” where Topanga was transported when she went into her closet to a black and white setting then the whole Boy Meets World cast was there.

Hugh Dane who played fish store Phil played Cory’s coach in “The B-Team of Life”

This was the first time both Topanga and Auggie was in Cory’s classroom.

Boy Meets World reference:

Cory said the class will take a class trip to the Berkshires mountains. That’s where Cory, Topanga, Shawn, Angela, Mr. Feeny and the class went and that’s where Cory met Lauren.

Comment below on how you how liked the episode!

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