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Girl Meets World / July 17th, 2015 / 2 Comments

Longest episode title to date, huh?

This episode was fantastic. It had a very moving and emotional part at the end of it which no one saw coming. It was a great twist to the episode.

Eric was running for US Senate and Cory was teaching the class that kids should vote as they can help change the world. Eric was being setup as he thought there were others helping him with this debate. He was up against another person. Eric wanted the kids to help him run his campaign. The other person was charging fees for kids for parks and Topanga wasn’t happy about that. Eric said that “Bad people shouldn’t be elected” which is so true. We were then introduced to new character (or so we thought) named TJ Murphy. He was at the end of the table telling Eric “SUPPOSED to lose” (since he didn’t reveal himself to be Tommy until the end of the episode which was going to help Eric win) when Eric said he was going to lose as he found out he was being setup by one of them there. He thought one of them was helping him run for US Senate. He gave up after he found out he was being setup. Eric went to Cory and Topanga’s apartment, and the writers who did such an awesome Boy Meets World reference in the scene that took place there. Eric was laying down on the bay window when Riley and Maya got chocolate syrup and Cocoa Puffs in a bowel.  After that they went over to Eric who was sleeping.  Riley and Maya were doing a similar singing tune to “Good Looking Guy” and they were trying to motivate him to go back and run for US Senate. Eric didn’t want to, then Riley and Maya showed him the bowl of Coco Puffs and the chocolate syrup. The singing got to him so he got up and ate the cereal as well. Perfect reference as he was wearing his green wardrobe.

Near the end of the episode is where the twist was. TJ Murphy revealed himself to Eric that he was Tommy. Eric’s reaction was so shocking (who wouldn’t be shocked?) and Topanga’s reaction was so great! I think her reaction represented the whole Boy Meets World fandom. The wonderful flash backs to Boy Meets World showing Eric and Tommy’s arc after TJ Murphy revealed himself as Tommy was fantastic. We hope to see more Tommy in the future. It was also the same actor who played Tommy, JB Gaynor. You can follow JB on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/misterjb18

I loved the scene with Eric and Harley. Eric said he looked a lot familiar like Harley Keiner. So many hilarious moments in this episode. Eric referring The Wizard of Oz to the kids. Eric asking Farkle “Are you a robot”?, and a lot more.

Connection to Girl Meets Home For The Holidays:

Cory saying “Birth certificate”? Then Farkle said “Still working on it”.

Boy Meets World References:

Eric with his green wardrobe eating Coco Puffs. “Good Looking Guy”.

Flash backs with Eric and Tommy’s arc.

Comment below on what you thought about the episode!

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  • naomi

    I cried on a bus while watching the flashback of Eric and Tommy’s past. One of the best episode up to date considering that I’m a hardcore boy meets world fan and the references made were amazing as well. My only problem was that their reunion was cut short and only potrayed at the end though I’m expecting more of their moments in future episodes.

  • searching578

    the way they brought Tommy back in such an emotional and touching way, and still holding onto who Eric is .. was amazing. I was bawling, and get shivers everytime i watch this episode and TJ says .. “my name is Thomas Jonathan…eric once knew me as… “.. and then i lose it.. they did this so well.. I didn’t even realize it was him till the end.. and its the same actor which makes it even more fantastic. So far GMW has reintroduced old characters so well and in such amazing ways really brings the heart of BMW to GMW.. and then some. I can’t wait for more..

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