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Girl Meets World / June 22nd, 2015 / 10 Comments

Shawn and Angela

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Girl Meets Hurricane.. the anticipated episode that we had all been waiting for has finally aired! This episode included the return of Shawn Hunter, Shawn Hunter’s dad, and Angela!

I personally feel they did great with this episode but I’m sure there are many people out there who disagree. I, myself am a fan of Shawngela. However, 15 years did go by, and putting Shawn and Angela back together would feel so unrealistic and it wouldn’t be right. Don’t get me wrong, I love them two together, but as I’ve stated, it would of been wrong for them to reconnect and be together again after seeing each other for the first time in 15 years.

It was nice how we got to see Maya’s guard down. She was happy and was with Shawn a lot in this episode along with Cory and Riley which was great. Maya said she had hope which she’s never had since the show started. This was a great change for her character. We also learn Katy’s husband aka Maya’s dad is named “Kermit”.

Cory was talking about Hurricane Katrina and related it to the episode since Angela was coming in to see Shawn.

What I really loved was how Angela gave Shawn her blessing by telling him “Well let me tell you what’s right. Let what we had make you ready for something. Life knows what it’s doing.” Angela helped put Shawn in the right direction so he can be happy. This also helps as we’ll see Shawn with Katy and Maya which will help bring in great storylines (there are already amazing storylines in the show but this helps it out) for them through out the show.

We learned that Angela was married for four years. She says “Life goes on” to Shawn. She came back to ask Shawn advice about her marriage. Angela asked if she and her husband should have kids and told Shawn that she only trusts him with her decisions. She also told Shawn that her dad had passed away. Julius Carry the actor who played Angela’s father passed away on August 19, 2008.

Katy asked Shawn out and he wasn’t sure about it.  At the end of the episode, Shawn’s dad, Chet Hunter came back in Ghost form and helped push Shawn with Katy and Maya. Shawn said yes to dating Katy. Can I just say how wonderful it was to see Chet back? I got the chills from seeing him. I love the moments between him and Shawn.

Some funny moments:

Rily and Maya’s conversation about their parents names. Riley says “Kermit”?, Maya replies “Topanga?” then Riley closes the conversation by saying “We’re even”.

Riley pushing Cory out of his seat.

Cory: “Awkward. I now pronounce you Awkward.”

Riley going “Cluck! Cluck! Cluck! I’m a chicken! Cluck!

When Maya was crying while hugging Shawn after he said that she should dress differently as fatherly advice, she stopped crying after Shawn said “How about I buy you some new clothes”?

There is of course a lot of references to Boy Meets World since Angela, and Chet (Ghost form) returned.

Here is one with Cory and Riley: Cory says to Riley “Riley, is it over between us?”, Riley replies “It’s not me dad, it’s you” which sounded like how Shawn and Cory talked when they said “It’s not you Cory, it’s me”.

Comment below on what you thought about the episode.


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  • Danielle B=C

    I just wonder why even bring Angela back if she couldn’t have a moment with Topanga too. I mean they were best friends in high school and college, Topanga and Angela should have had at least one scene together. Sucks that Shawn and Ang couldn’t be together but it’s poignant too, not everything in the world ends up like we think it should.

    • Evan Meadow

      This is the thing I didn’t like about the episode. If you’re bringing back old cast members, automatically episodes should be two parters. Because they essentially need the chance to have scenes with everyone. It’s a bit glaring that she never had any scenes with Topanga, plus what I don’t quite buy about the scene with Shawn (not that it didn’t make sense mind you, it made perfect sense) but after not seeing each others for years, and her suddenly coming back, they’re able to essentially wrap up their conversation and history in 5 minutes?

      That’s a bad TV trope. They obviously needed more screen time to discuss things with each other and really find things out about each other since last they were together so that would obviously take some time. Which the fans would of course love to see.

  • Nicole Vivian

    I think a little too much was happening in this episode.

    • Ashley

      Definitely. This is how I feel about almost all of their “favorite” episodes, they are so rushed.

    • Amanda Creager

      I agree too much in one episode but it’s what they were aiming for. Hope

  • disqus_NHxXHEqwWt

    it was terrible, Angela deserved better and so did Shawn/Angela fans.

  • Ashley

    Where this episode failed was in the same place all of the other “let’s bring back an old character” episodes fail. The writers are trying to be poignant, but they end up sounding trite and without any heart. I have so many glaring questions. Why was Angela in town to ask Shawn a question she could have Facebook-messaged him about? Why was Shawn’s piece of “fatherly advice” about Maya’s clothing? Why is Cory the WORST teacher in the history of the world? Why did Angela just walk out and leave without saying any words to anyone? It was so awkward.

    Boy Meets World had a special gift for making a 22 minute episode strong and thought-provoking, while Girl Meets World is trying to rush “lessons” and somehow tie them into Cory’s “classroom.” I’ve watched every episode of this show since it started, but I am so beyond disappointed.

  • Kyle_Maloney

    I’m not mad about Shawn and Angela not getting back together or anything, but they didn’t really flesh things out enough. Did Angela really fly in just to have a conversation she could have had over the phone?

  • Cody James Ernest Cameron

    Personally, I thought the episode was great. Angela and Shawn not ending up with a chance of being together, it suited me fine. I am a loyal fan of both shows and I was personally hope it would end sort of like this. You might wonder, why? well that answer is simple. if Shawn and Angela did get there shot then would have to bring her back and the show would stop being about Maya and Riley’s journey. The show is supposed to be about there meeting the world, not just Boy Meets World 2. I love when they bring the old cast members back but I am liking the young cast as much as the old. Giving Maya some hope was good for the development of these characters, I love how they brought back Chet even though he is dead. It was awesome on how they didn’t forget that and didn’t let the other characters interact with him. The reason for bringing back Angela was a little hollow but I would be hard pressed to think of a reason that wouldn’t be a little forced. We need her to come back for only reason that was to allow Shawn to move forward, whether that is with Katy or not will just have to see. Besides it was only a matter of time before us fans demanded that she came back. Her and every main character from Boy Meets World. So to the haters of this episode I just want to say that you need to relax and enjoy this show and episode as a further adventures into this universe.

  • bootin buddin

    not very good chemistry between shawn and katy. it was almost as if she was interrupting his time with maya.

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