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Mar / June 20th, 2015 / 20 Comments

Michael Jacobs explains why he wrote the Shawn and Angela storyline for Girl Meets Hurricane. Below is the statement he made to TVLine.com

Shawn’s relationship with Angela Moore had clearly ended in the original show, but … Shawn is the only person Angela trusts to help her make an important decision. In answering for Angela, Shawn also discovers something about himself, Riley and Maya. We all want these characters happy. Angela is. Shawn isn’t. The way it was and has always been.

Source for image and quote: TVLine.com

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I'm Mar and I'm the website owner of BMWSequel.com. My favorite shows include: Once Upon A Time, Girl Meets World, Switched at Birth, Baby Daddy, Scream Queens and Pretty Little Liars. In my my free time I love working on this website to keep you all updated on everything Girl Meets World, the cast projects what the writers are up to. I also love spending time with my family and two cats. My 4 year old nephew is my whole world. <3 Side Note: I've been able to visit the set of Girl Meets World twice now and that cast is SO wonderful and welcoming. They are the most kindest people I have ever met. 🙂

  • William C Truesdell

    Where’s the like button. 😉 It was an excellent show, what he’s talking about comes out in the show. This was a dynamic episode, excellent direction and outstanding acting. Caught a lot of little things in the show, including the Katrina references. I have not been this excited or pleased with a production et al since WOWP.

    • Lord-Ryu Michael McDonald

      like button at the top.

  • Matt Thomas

    Make Angela a semi regular. K.

    • Softballumpire


  • Killer BOB

    Anyone else notice than William Russ (Alan Matthews) directed this episode?

    • Theresa

      I did actually.

      • Softballumpire

        no but thanks for the heads up

  • Dee Eades

    saw the episode yesterday. I was happy for Maya.

  • Theresa

    I watched this episode with my boyfriend (we both love the show) and we thought it was hilarious. I HOWEVER wanted to see more of Angela in the episode I just felt the storyline was way too short and we didn’t get to see enough of her…it was more like “Oh we need a character from BMW here who should we pic?” However I did love the episode…though on my t.v. it had a description for another episode I know is coming later in the season, possibly the episode with Mr. Turner in it I don’t know but it was weird.

    • Softballumpire

      but you people need to know this not boy meets world….

    • I too felt like Angela’s part was so short. It felt like it was rushed and kinda not real. I don’t know. I wish for more. Even if they don’t get back together can they be real friends? They are and were characters on a beloved TV show after all. 🙂 I know this is NOT BMW, but it just seemed so rushed over. Like, okay let’s get this out of the way. I love both shows very much and i am like 39, so I know my BMW very well. There should be more shows like this one that show that people are good to each other. I love that friendship is more important than boyfriend stealing, and the kids dress age appropriate and act like kids, not mini adults, even though some of the things they are going through are things adults will have to face sometimes. Keep going Michael Jacobs. I am still following.

  • Klewczuk

    This was an great episode, I am hoping it goes positively with Shawn and Maya’s mom. Both deserve to be happy- all 3 actually and Corey, Topanga can teach Shawn a few things too
    This seriously was an excellent episode

  • Sympathizer

    I liked the episode. What is Sean going to do with all his savings gone now?

    • Denise Pomeroy

      I think he was joking like a parent.

  • hh76

    EXCELLENT Show!! great story line, angela was brought it in for just the right amount of time, and it all worked out. I think having Katy and Shawn together is the best thing, it moves on from the past in just the right direction. GREAT SHOW!!!

  • Michelle McManus

    I think they could have brought her in around the time Shawn went on a first date with Katy… bump into her out and about kind of deal. It didn’t seem like she would be likely to come into the bakery. Shawn is a traveler how could she have tracked him down. I know it’s a kid show but I want to see this show for a long while without having to rely on BMW characters.

    • Softballumpire

      seriously… you people are a joke…

  • Andrew Settlemire

    Let Shawn be happy for once! Get away from the “Everything bad has to happen to Shawn” stigma that plagued BMW.

  • guest14

    This was the best episode yet. It was a turning point to the show. The writers couldn’t have been more spot on perfect in their timing of this episode. I’m in tears.

  • Pajamaparty

    I thought the way the storyline was handled was fine. You don’t want Shawn and Angela basically to have the same Cory and Topanga ending. I like the Katie character and hope Shawn finds some happiness for a change.

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