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Mar / June 15th, 2015


Sabrina turned 16 years old on May 11th however due to being incredibly busy was unable to celebrate it until last evening! Looks like everyone is having a great time at Sabrina’s party! Enjoy your party Sabrina!

Source: Auggie’s Facebook, Sabrina’s Facebook, @J14magazine on Twitter, Ben’s Instagram

We're all mad here

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I luuuuuuuuuu her so much, even though she told me to stop dancing 💃🏻 #cantstopwontstop #sabrinasweet16

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Happening right now!! #SabrinaSweet16 Love my bae !!! 💙

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Because how else would you celebrate a sweet 16? 🍰🎂 We're spending an evening with @sabrinacarpenter for the party of the year! (Century, even! 😘) Happy Birthday, darling! 🎊 #hbd #sabrinasweet16 #party #thatdress #tullebox #classic #uniquevintage

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#AdventuresinBabysitting #FamilyForever @sabrinacarpenter @nikkihahnactress @marloubob #SabrinaSweet16

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#bensavage #GirlMeetsWorld #SabrinaSweet16 How cool I got to meet Ben.

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Karaoke room…..#FamilyForever #AdventuresinBabysitting #GirlMeetsWorld @nikkihahnactress @jazvamp @marloubob @malloryjmahoney #SabrinaSweet16

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Happy Birthday @sabrinacarpenter #SabrinaSweet16

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This moment is EVERYTHING! 😭🙌 #friendshipgoals #SabrinaSweet16

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HBD DEAR SABRINA!✨ #sabrinasweet16 #sabrinacarpenter #part1

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After #SabrinaSweet16

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