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Girl Meets World / June 12th, 2015 / 4 Comments



Picture Credit: FanBolt.com and Disney Channel

FanBolt.com interviewed Michael and Rowan at the ATX Festival held last weekend in Austin.  Here is what they had to say on Riley and Lucas relationship:

Michael Jacobs told us that he has thought out Riley and Lucas’ relationship and where it will lead in the future, but when we asked him for a hint of what that future would look like, he simply said, “They are not Cory and Topanga.”

Rowan then gave her opinion in addition to what Michael said:

“At the end of the day, there are only one Cory and Topanga. Just like there’s only one Shawn, just like there’s only one Minkus, there’s only one of all of these characters,” she explained. “I think it was organic for Cory and Topanga to end up together and have this perfect, perfect relationship but I don’t think, I don’t see-and I don’t want to speak too soon- Riley and Lucas being that perfect relationship. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I do know that at the end of the day, there is only one Cory and Topanga and there’s only one Riley and Lucas. So if their relationship is different than Cory and Topanga’s it doesn’t devalue it, it’s just a different kind of relationship.”

“I read about this everyday [on Twitter],” Jacobs revealed. “[Fans] took votes! Who does Lucas belong with? Does Lucas belong with Riley or does Lucas belong with Maya? What the overriding concern that I have, the writers have, is ‘what’s real?’. ‘What would happen today and why?’. If the series is called Girl Meets World, what’s the difference between this world and the last? What would that do to relationships? Are Cory and Topanga possible?” A VERY interesting question that Riley and Lucas will answer for us in time.

Read the rest of the interview here: FanBolt.com

Source: FanBolt.com


  • GAfan

    They should be TOGETHER!!! Maybe lots of life lessons in between, but together in the end!!

  • They should be together, but with more difficulties (if you get what I mean) than cory and topanga, because the world we live in is different and a lot less innocent, so relationships are formed a lot slower I think

  • Heather Stambaugh

    I think part of Riley’s story is realizing she doesn’t need to be Cory, or Cory and Topanga. I’m glad that very early on they are allowing us to accept she is who SHE is.

  • Michael Paul Bowen

    She’s either going to remain single throughout the show and find strength in her singleness and independence while her friend Maya ends up with Farkle (am I the only one that sees that coming?) OR Disney will make its boldest move yet and pull a Korrasami, putting Riley and Maya in a relationship that blossoms from their friendship.

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