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FanBolt.com talked with Michael Jacobs, Ben, Rowan and Sabrina at the ATX Festival over the weekend. Michael talked about why Shawn and Angela didn’t end up being married and it seems like he reveals the outcome of Riley and Lucas (which we have in bold).

“…Let’s go to Shawn and Angela. Am I supposed to have them get married and have a perfect happy TV ending? Am I really supposed to do that? Would I be grossly irresponsible if I did and diminish the rare and precious relationship that Cory and Topanga have. I have one set of friends, one, who met in high school and married. One. If I had 2, it would diminish it for me.

Now, but there’s another issue. We had the most beautiful New York Times article about Boy Meets World having…the first relationship that never spoke of it [being interracial]. Never mentioned it! Because there were plenty of relationships on television across the board, we never mentioned it! We didn’t want to exploit that.

Shawn found Angela from a purse that contained items that he loved and so he fell in love with this girl in high school. The relationship lasted into college. But it could not have been more clearly defined that Angela had a choice. That Shawn wanted to ask Angela to marry him, which would have been wrong. When they were sitting in the apartment with the dog…and they had the New York Times and a cup of coffee and the sun streaming in, and they realized that [the situation] was Cory and Topanga, who were living in that horrible college dorm. [Shawn and Angela] were artificial. It wasn’t so!

So the question is “what are we doing?” And I say to the writing staff “if Shawn and Angela do not end up together, we’re going to get tremendous heat and backlash. Why?” and the answer is because Boy Meets World is still on the air. You are re-living a romance 6 hours a day!…Let’s pretend it wasn’t on. Let’s pretend it’s gone for 15 years. Shawn and Angela clearly haven’t seen each other for 15 years. Shawn and Angela weren’t together for 15 years. Angela went on a life with her father and it was a military existence. Shawn tried, and failed, to do so.

The easiest thing for me to do would be to satisfy an audience and say “Sure it happened. Pixie dust over everything.” It didn’t happen, because that’s not what’s real. Are they happy? Remains to be seen. Is what becomes of them both satisfying? I believe so because it’s real. It’s what will happen to Riley and Lucas, it’s what will happen in a succession of friendship in this world and it’s why the show’s worth watching.”

Read the rest of the interview here: FanBolt.com

Source: FanBolt.com

Girl Meets Hurricane premieres next Friday, June 19th at 8:30PM on the Disney Channel.

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  • Valerie Michelle Alfisi

    Good I think this is a great thing. It would be silly for them to get back together now having not seen each other in 15 years. If they wanted to reconnect and then maybe go from there and rebuild a relationship that could eventually lead to that in the future organically then maybe only maybe would that be ok.

  • Michael Jacobs has convinced me, as much as I wanted Shawn & Angela together it really doesn’t make sense especially after 15 years of not seeing eachother

  • I think Shawn definitely needs closure but that if he had wanted or felt it would have worked out, he would have gone after her sometime in the last 15 years. But he didn’t, so I think he knows it’s over even if he misses her.

    I think that by this point he misses the idea of her, that he wanted to be Cory and Topanga with someone and she’s the girl he was in love with when that seemed achievable.

    And she clearly moved on as well, it was her choice to do so. I don’t know why but I’m pretty sure she’s married and has kids (I think I read it somewhere).

    I’m glad for this. I know someone told me off last time I said the writing was real, but I do believe it is. My parents have been together for 43 years this year. They met at 19 and are really happy with each other and with their lives, that’s extremely rare.

  • Onetreehillfan Onetreehillfan

    Remember eddie hunter maury sterling in pink flamingo
    Eddie hunter and jack hunter are son of chet hunter since we don’t know anything about shawn the confirmation on the Internet says chet is not the father and jack stepfather is you have to listen to me

  • Onetreehillfan Onetreehillfan

    Vrina wrote a letter stating that she is not and Elaine McGinty internet search ended up being I am not shawn mom jack refused and didn’t want to confirm who his mom is

  • Ashley

    So I guess Riley and Lucas are shawn and angela?

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