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Mar / June 8th, 2015

Tale Tot

Girl Meets the Tell Tale Tot is about Maya and Riley sneaking out to NYU to a party that Josh plans on going to if he gets accepted to the college. The episode opens up with Maya entering the Matthews before school. She knows that Josh is coming over and refers to him as “Uncle Boing.”. She mentions the 3 year age difference between them and then Riley is surprised to find out that Cory and Topanga are the same age. When Josh gets there, he has a letter that he got from NYU that states whether or not he was accepted. Maya jumps on his back and takes he letter out of his hands. She reads it in her own way saying that he will be staying in NYC with Maya all summer. Josh was very excited that he got in. Cory, Topanga, Riley and Auggie give Josh a big group hug. Auggie doesn’t really understand what is going on. Josh says if he got accepted that he would be going to the dorms at 10PM to see some friends. Maya decides that she wants to go too and talks Riley into sneaking out.

At school Cory is giving a lesson about “The Tell Tale Heart”. He talks about telling a lie and how your conscience can get the best of you. The next scene is at dinner at the Matthew’s apartment and everyone is there including Maya. They’re eating dinner and Cory is counting his tater tots and wants a tater tot from Auggie’s plate. Riley looks at her dinner plate and thinks that she’s seeing a tater to talking to her when really it’s just her conscience feeling guilty for planning on sneaking out. She freaks out and Maya puts it in her mouth.

The next scene Riley and Maya are in Riley’s room. Maya puts pillows in the bed with the blanket over it to make it look like Riley is sleeping and then they sneak out. Before Riley went through the Bay Window, the talking tot was warning her not to do it and she ignored it as she said it’s going to be a fun night. They’re at NYU now and Maya is nervous. Riley starts talking when Maya doesn’t want her to talk. The boys picked up Riley, then Maya told them to give her back. They brought Riley back then she starts talking again and the girls picked Riley up. Maya said to give give her back again and then they brought Riley back. Maya saw Josh in the dorm room with his friends and him talking to a girl which made her upset. One of the girls from the sorority Gamma Gamma comes over to Riley and tells her that they voted her “Best Friend to Have” and then they did the society’s song together. They then begin to do a funny a dance and then after they are done they do that “Stop it” thing that her and Maya do. Maya calls her out saying that is their thing and Riley tells her “Grow up”. Maya wanted to go home but Riley pushed her into the dorm room. Josh was so shocked to see them there since they were not supposed to be out that late.

The next scene Auggie comes into Riley’s room thinking that she is in bed and asks her if he can sleep with her. When Riley doesn’t answer Auggie figures out that she is not in her bed. Topanga opens the door and asks Auggie what he is doing in Riley’s bedroom. He tells her that he is sleeping with Riley. Topanga asks him that is is okay with Riley. Auggie tells her to be quiet because Riley is sleeping. Topanga tells him he’s the best little brother and then leaves.

Back at NYU, Maya told everyone that they are in middle school. Josh wants to know what they were thinking sneaking out. The girl tells Josh to sit down. The sorority girl comes back and tells Riley its initiation. Riley leaves and then Josh goes after. Maya sits with the two girls who were in the dorm and tells them that she likes Josh. She says she thought if she did something like this that Josh might look at her differently and that they might have an understanding. Riley and Josh come back as Maya is telling all this to the girls. Riley realizes that Maya told them about her crush on Josh. Maya says that it’s not a crush. Riley asks her what is something in-particular that she likes about Josh and Josh says that she doesn’t really know him. Maya says that he’s right she doesn’t pay attention to anything he does. She proceeds to tell him she doesn’t know that she drove from Philly to New York just so he could read his acceptance letter in front of his older brother, she says that she sees the way he is with Auggie who is a little kid that looks up to him, and that she even though he wants to stay with these girls she knows that he will walk them home to make sure that they are safe. She then ends it with “I really like you.”. The boy sitting beside Josh says that he’s an idiot. Josh says that Maya is three years younger. One of the girls tells Maya it might seem like a really big age difference now and the other girl chimes in saying that when she gets here that she’ll be 18 and Josh will be 21 that maybe he’ll be smart enough to look at her differently. Josh says that it’s time to go and tells the girl that he’s going to walk them home.

The next day, they’re in class and Riley is feeling guilty about sneaking out. Her guilty conscience is really getting to her. She asks Cory what happened to the guy in Tell Tale Heart when his conscience got the best of him. Farkle and Zay tell her that he freaked out from feeling guilty. She then asks Cory how to get your conscience to quit making you feel guilty. Cory tells her to take responsibility for your actions because that’s when you start to grow.

At the end of the episode Riley is telling Maya that she wants to tell her parents what they did. Cory and Topanga come in and it turns out that they already knew because Maya told them everything. Josh was there as well and he apologized to Cory and Topanga for not telling them. Josh realizes that Maya’s not so little anymore. Riley gets grounded for 2 weeks and Auggie grounded for 1 week for not telling them that Cory and Topanga that Riley snuck out of the house. Auggie doesn’t understand why that he was just trying to protect her. At the very end Maya leaves because she has to go tell her mom what she did and she said she’ll see them in a year.

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