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Girl Meets World / May 15th, 2015

Written by Sef and Mar

This episode was most likely written for the Boy Meets World fans. A lot of references and of course we get to see Philly and Mr. Feeny. It was so wonderful!

The episode opened up with Cory teaching a lesson about history. Riley starts reading a book and she reads about Pluto. She didn’t know Pluto wasn’t a planet and was upset about it. Maya and Cory were trying to make her happy but she was down about it. Cory is talking about history and they mention there was a time capsule found in Boston from 100 years ago and then he remembers that 15 years ago he put a time capsule with Topanga and Shawn in Philadelphia in Mr. Feeny’s backyard. After realizing this Cory decides he wants to go back to Philadelphia to dig it up.

In the next scene the kids are in Topanga’s Bakery. They’re hanging out and then Katy comes over to give them life advice (it seems that Katy might be offering them advice when they go there which we cannot complain about ) . Lucas said that he rode on sheep and they all laughed at him and he said “Are you laughing at me, Riley?” and Riley tells him that she wasn’t. Katy tells him and the gang to go for your dreams.

The next scene takes place at Cory and Topanga’s apartment which is where all the Boy Meets World references start to roll in (we absolutely loved it!). Cory and Topanga are talking about Philadelphia. Cory wants to get shovels but won’t say anything and Topanga is getting annoyed that he’s considering it. Cory finally says he’s getting shovels then Topanga laughs. Cory told Topanga that in order to get Shawn to come over he told him it was a life or death situation. We hear a knock on the door, and surprise, it’s Shawn! Shawn is worried and asks Cory if everything was was okay. Shawn said that they’re going to do everything Cory has ever dreamed over before anything happens to him. “We’re going to your favorite restaurant, we’re going to take the rolls.” Cory goes: “They want you to take the rolls!”

Shawn sees the shovels and goes “Noo!”. He said to pay the professionals to dig rather than Cory dig. Topanga said everything is fine. Shawn goes nothing is fine, he called me over as it’s a matter of life or death, he’s not fine. Cory says “I had to make sure you’d come.” Shawn then asks why he’s there and Topanga tells him that Cory remembered the time capsule from 15 years ago and he wanted to dig it out of Mr. Feeny’s backyard. Shawn yelled at Cory saying he was just in Philadelphia (LOL).

We’re back at Topanga’s Bakery, and the kids are there along with Cory, Topanga and Shawn. The kids have a time capsule on the table with their items. Topanga asks why there’s only three items in there, Maya said she doesn’t want to put anything in there. Cory wants her to and Maya makes fun of his shirt and says there’s no more shirts for him left. Katy says hi to Shawn and he didn’t know she was there. Cory says let’s go get the time capsule and talks about him, Topanga, Mr. Feeny, Shawn and Angela. Katy of course didn’t know who Angela was when they started talking about her. Farkle says that Shawn still has feelings for her, etc. and Maya throws Riley’s Pluto at him. Farkle says to Maya “You always get me”. They talk about Angela a bit more and then that’s what makes Riley and Maya want to go with them as Riley and Maya want Shawn with Maya’s mother obviously. They go to Philadelphia and they’ve been digging for quite sometime when Riley reveals she had fund the capsule an hour before. They didn’t know so they all drop their shovels onto the ground. Shawn gasps as he sees Mr. Feeny and Cory goes what’s wrong and Shawn goes “That” as they both now see Mr. Feeny. They put a montage of Boy Meets World of them two doing the “Gasp” which was fantastic. Mr. Feeny said Mr. Matthews, Mr. Hunter, we meet again. Riley and Maya does the Feeny Call which was so hilarious and cute! Mr. Feeny says hi to Topanga then, then he tells them to put back his flowers and then he goes and sits down between Riley and Maya. Mr. Feeny asks Riley “If Cory is a good father you poor poor little girl”. Riley said “I’m very lucky”. He asked Maya if he’s a good teacher.  Maya said  she thinks Cory is the best but Cory said that Mr. Feeny is the best teacher and he smiled. Aww. Cory, Topanga and Shawn tell Mr. Feeny about the time capsule and they ask him if he remembers it. Mr. Feeny said he remembers everything. Cory asks Mr. Feeny if he has any advice for them. Mr Feeny replies “Well, yes, it’s been a long time and you’re still together. What else do you need to know?”.

The next scene is back at Cory and Topanga’s apartment. They open up the box to look at what they buried 15 years ago. Cory goes first and he hands her the jean jacket that he gave her when they first said I love you. Topanga goes next and she tells Cory not to overreact. She hands him the note that Lauren wrote him years ago. The girls are wondering who Lauren is and Topanga explains.  Also: (Lauren kissed Cory in the ski lodge episode of Boy Meets World and that kiss threatened his relationship with Topanga.). Cory doesn’t understand why she buried that. Topanga tells him that she buried the note because she hoped that she’d be sitting next to him when they opened the capsule so that she could take the note and rip it up. Shawn goes last and he pulls out Shakespeare sonnet, Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, a Van Damme movie ticket, and lip gloss which were all reminders of Angela. Shawn says they were going to be another Cory and Topanga but guesses there is only one Cory and Topanga. He wonders what she’s up to.

Riley and Maya are in the bay window talking. Maya thinks that Shawn and Angela are going to end up together and that it will just be her mom and her. Topanga and Shawn are talking in the kitchen. Shawn asked Topanga if he’d ever find love again. Cory asks him what happened with him and Angela. Shawn say she left him and that he put the stuff in the time capsule hoping that one day they’d open it together. Riley comes out and tells him not to be a jerk. Shawn goes into Riley’s room to talk to her. Riley tells him that Pluto is still out there for him and that he wasn’t afraid to love someone once. Shawn says he’s done with that and that he won’t find anyone. The girls insist that he will find that because there is someone out there for him. Shawn doesn’t get it and Cory comments “How are you not getting this yet buddy?” and then Shawn sits by Maya. He tells her he doesn’t know what to be for her. She asks him if he can just be out there for her. Shawn says that he will be there. Shawn promises Maya he will be there for her.

Farkle, Lucas, Riley, and Maya are in the bakery. They are doing their time capsule. Lucas puts his transfer script in the box, Farkle puts his orange turtle neck. Riley puts in Pluto, and Maya puts in a picture of her, Shawn, and Katy in the box. After that Shawn comes to the bakery where he and Katy talk. Katy starts to put on lip gloss and Shawn asks what kind it is. She tells him its cinnamon spice. He asks her if its better than mango and she says its different. Maya and Riley are watching them from the window and Maya says “Do you hear they are making Pluto a planet again?” and Riley says “Yeah, how about that.”

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