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Girl Meets World / May 14th, 2015 / 4 Comments

Girl Meets the Secret of Life

Written by Sef

The lesson of this episode:

People change people.

It starts off with Riley and Maya in the school hallway wanting to sing a happy song. They go to class and Cory asks the class if they finally want to learn what actually happened in Belgium, 1831. Farkle gets annoyed as someone or something always interrupts Cory while he teaches so he asks the gang if anything happened to them first before Cory can actually teach. All of them said no except for Maya who had fallen asleep during the class. Farkle is happy when everyone says that they don’t have anything to share because that means no more class interruptions. Cory starts off the lesson when the new comes to class and interrupts. Turns out he is someone who knew Lucas. Farkle annoyed by another interruption tells the kid to get out.

The new kid goes “Somebody in this room is going to be very surprised to see me”. Riley asks if it’s about her, but it’s not about her but he compliments her. Cory asked for his transcript, and his name is revealed which is Zay. His grades all F’s, and he’s also from Austin, Texas. Lucas knows him as well as he went “What are you doing here, Zay”? Lucas wasn’t pleased at all to see him. We also see back-of-the-room Brenda who is Corey Fogelmanis. Lucas didn’t want to talk about his past in the class and told him they’ll talk about it later. Zay was shocked that Lucas was doing okay there. Zay said not currently on probation, no disciplinary action, they just let him wander free. Cory went back to teaching Belgium, 1831 and Yogi in class asks “What is the secret of life?”. There was self-meta there as he said he knows he’s not his daughter but he too has value in this world.

Cory was about to erase the board and Farkle threatens Cory not to do it. Cory does it and Farkle throws a tantrum. Cory starts to talk about “What is the secret of Life”? He referenced Mr. Feeny and that he was lucky to have him as a teacher as he cared so much about Cory. Cory asks Lucas if he has an opinion on this, Maya goes “Whatchya got, moral compass”? Zay makes fun of that and Lucas doesn’t look happy.

Zay spilled out that Lucas is a year older and Cory got annoyed and said that’s enough. Cory revealed that he knows all about Lucas’s past. Riley was surprised that Cory knew all about this. Lucas said back in Texas he did something and he had to leave. He came to New York to get a new start. Riley asked him if she knows him and he didn’t comment.

Riley and Maya are in the lunchroom and Maya is trying to make Riley be herself as in be happy but she’s concerned about Lucas. Lucas came over and they both want to know about what he did in the past. Lucas is trying to defend himself and Riley is getting frustrated with him as he won’t say anything about his past. He said he isn’t proud of his life. Riley then realized that her father knew about this.

We go to Cory and Topanga’s apartment and Cory warns Topanga about drama heading their way. Auggie throws a tantrum about absolutely nothing for Cory and Topanga. Riley and Maya come through the door and Riley went “YOU KNEW?” Maya came through the door and wanted her to yell at Cory again as she missed it. Cory said he knew Lucas was expelled. Topanga knew about it but acted like she didn’t know about what happened. Riley asked why they let her like him if Cory knew something about him.

We’re back at the classroom and Cory gives the same lesson that Mr. Feeny did about the car wash problem. Farkle is wrong, just like Minkus was wrong in Boy Meets World. Farkle also said that “My father said Topanga should of been his wife”. Lucas and Riley argued again. Cory said addressed his teaching and said he loved Mr. Feeny but he won’t be like Mr. Feeny as he can only fail. He only succeeds if he gets his teaching across as effectively as Mr. Feeny did. The class said Cory does.

Zay makes fun of Farkle’s name “Who would do that to you” when Farkle said what his name is. Cory said he wants them to go wash a car, and Riley asked with Lucas, and Cory said especially with him. Cory said if you wash the car correctly, you’ll find the secret of life.

The kids are now washing the car. Riley doesn’t want to wash the car with Lucas. Farkle said the equation won’t work if Riley and Lucas doesn’t work together. Lucas asked Riley for the hose so they can rinse off the car. Maya goes “Oh Huckleberry, Huckleberry, whatever bad bad things you did at your old school, you were still such a Huckleberry”. Lucas went “Why, you need water to rinse off… ” then Riley sprayed the hose on Lucas. She wants to know when Lucas will tell her about his past. Farkle yells at them to wash the car. Riley scares Farkle off with the water. Lucas fakes Riley out as she said she’s going to tell him about his past but takes the hose from Riley and hoses her instead.

Maya and Zay talk about Riley then Maya wants to know what happened in Lucas’s past. Zay said once Lucas is ready to say it, he will. Riley is still getting watered by the hose. She lied and said she lost her contacts and then Lucas falls for it then Riley grabs a bucket of water and pours it on Lucas. She asks Lucas if he’s worth it as he won’t say anything about his past and he said yes, he’s worth it. Farkle comes over and is frustrated that they ruined the experiment by a day and they didn’t even dry the car yet. Riley and Lucas grab Farkle and use him to dry the car. Zay said they’re a tight group and Maya said yes. Maya went to them and said she’ll show how it’s done. She got the hose and tricked them and watered them instead and called them “Amateurs”.

We’re back at the classroom and Cory talks about the math problem. Farkle starts making fun of the kids having a water fight. Farkle then goes he was wrong about the math problem, just like Minkus did in Boy Meets World. Lucas asked if there is an answer in life. Cory said we arrive at the secret. Riley asked if it’s Lucas’s secret and Cory said bigger than that. Lucas said sometimes things come out when they’re supposed to come out. Riley said as long as he’s not different than what she thinks as she thinks a lot of him. Lucas said he used to be different as he is now. Riley asked what happened and he said he came to New York. Cory said and there is your answer, Yogi. There’s the secret of Life. People change people. Cory addresses his teaching style as well. No matter what he teaches them, learning from the people you care about is more important than the words on any paper. That’s why he lets them talk sometimes. That’s why he lets them talk in there sometimes. That’s why it’s interesting. He said Zay would of appreciated that if he was in class. Cory asked Lucas where is Zay and he didn’t know and he can’t always be responsible for him. Cory said sure he can, but maybe in a different way now. Lucas said Zay’s mouth gets him in trouble and he thinks he’s tougher than he is maybe and he’s his friend and he cares about his friends. He told Riley you understand that better than anyone and what is he supposed to do. He apologized about yelling at Riley and he said he’s working on it.

Next scene, Zay is with a bully in the school hallway. Zay is saying he’s trying to fit in with the new school crowd. He’s now trying to join the bully. The bully throws him on the locker and Zay yells for Lucas’s help. Lucas leaves the classroom and Cory gets his attention. Lucas said if he manages to come back and not get expelled, they all changed him. Lucas is in the hallway with Zay and the bully. The bully said are you kidding me, that he had a neck in his hand, he liked it and he missed it. He asked if Lucas is his new neck. Lucas asked if he’s the one as there is one in every school isn’t there. Cory, Riley, Maya and Farkle are in the school hallway as well. The bully said he’s the bully of the school. Riley asked Cory if he’s going to stop this and Cory said not yet. Lucas got physical and holds onto the bully and said he knows how easy it is to take shots but in the end, he said the bully is going to be the one on the floor and Lucas will be the one who walks away. Maya started giggling and Riley said he’s going to be a vegetarian. Lucas said he’s going to do him a favor and he’s going to let him keep his reputation and let him keep his otherwise they’ll be 20 and still be in middle school. The bully said he is 20. The bully left and Lucas asked Zay why does he keep finding himself in these situations. Zay said he likes knowing he has his back. Lucas asked what he’s doing here. Zay said he missed hanging out with him and he got transferred just like Lucas did. Lucas said same as him and he doesn’t want to keep being the same old person he was back in Texas. Riley said people change people. Cory said secret of Life.

Last scene, they’re all having dinner at Cory and Topanga’s apartment with Maya as well. Riley and Auggie were making fun of Cory and Topanga with math problems, then Cory wanted to go to a movie and asked Topanga and she wanted to go. Cory and Topanga left the apartment. Maya said you can’t just walk out of dinner. Topanga said they can do whatever they want as they cannot as they were kids and now they became parents. Cory said that’s the secret of Life when Riley asked what do you call that.

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  • kaychanc

    it vetinarian not vegitarian.

    • Claudia Koppova

      lol..I saw that…but it’s actually ”veterinarian”… 😛 … or let’s just stick with a VET… 😛

  • DHK

    It was “d-d-d-d-d-d-d-f”, not all ‘F’s’. 😉

  • Playswith Squirrels

    If Al washes a car in 6 minutes and Fred washes the same car in 8 minutes, how long does it take Al and Fred to wash the same car together? The answer, the Secret of Life. This episode was fantastic, one of the series best episodes! So much contained in just 20 minutes, the return of back of the class Brenda, the introduction of Zay, the reveal of Lucas’ dark past and change!
    The episode starts with Cory trying to teach Belgium 1831, Farkle is excited to finally learn about it (a recurring joke has been Cory trying to teach it then something happens and the lesson is changed). Zay, a friend of Lucas’ from Texas interrupts and starts talking about Lucas’ past. Yogi (I’m actually shocked that he’s returned a third time) asks Mr. Matthews what the secret of life is and Cory changes the lesson driving Farkle insane! Anyway to summarise Zay reveals Lucas is a year older then everyone else and that maybe he’s not the nice mannerly boy we’ve grown to know. He got kicked out of his last school and this upsets Riley even more so as she finds out Cory knew about all this.
    The next day Cory asks the math question above and I immediately realised it was straight from Boy Meets World Season 1 Episode 12 Once in Love with Amy. To understand the significance of this the episode was about Mr Feeny giving the class this question Cory and Minkus both get it wrong but Topanga gets it right because she summoned a Math demon to help. Cory spends the whole episode trying to figure it out and how Minkus got it wrong and Topanga got it right. Its later revealed Cory’s parents had been lying to him and Eric about where they were going to one night of the week as they wanted alone time. Cory’s mom explains that they lied and it wasn’t wrong that they did it or that they lied. This leads to Cory giving the answer that there isn’t one and Feeny explaining Cory is right. While in an equation that is true in life things aren’t as black and white as they seem. Topanga got the answer because she thinks differently then everyone else.
    Cory gives the question and Farkle answers and has a breakdown similar to how his father, Minkus did in Boy Meets World. Riley and Lucas end up having to wash the car together to prove that Farkle is right, they end up arguing and Lucas reveals he got kicked out of his last school in Texas as he has anger issues and he got into a fight to protect Zay. He has to do so again and in Lucas’ most epic scene traps the bully against a locker and says to him “I know it’d be easier to just start taking shots at each other but I’m going to say something and you really need to hear it. In the end… You’re going to be the one on the floor and I’ll be the one who walks away.” They don’t end up fighting because the bully knows if he fights he’ll lose it and his reputation. Corys lesson was that people change people.
    So I really enjoyed the episode, there wasn’t a subplot this time so the entire episode was focused on Lucas. As someone who was probably my least favourite character of the series for no other reason then he just seemed bland, Lucas really became likeable and interesting in this episode. I loved the throwbacks to Boy Meets World with Cory asking the math question and my favourite part was probably when Cory tells the class about Mr. Feeny and explains how he doesn’t teach like Feeny because he could never be like Feeny he’s just trying to make the same impact as Feeny had. He explains that’s why he let’s the class talk as they learn fro each other and people change people. This episode was fantastic I love the idea of how its meeting something from Boy Meets World, Feenys lesson with something from Girl Meets World, the friendships and lives of Riley and her core group of friends. I wasn’t expecting Lucas’ dark secret but then again it makes sense in regards to how his character has progressed. Moments like Cory’s instant dislike at the start of the series aren’t just cause his daughter fancied him its cause Cory didn’t trust him as he knew his past. The time when Lucas was about to beat up the guy who bullied Farkle just because he bullied Farkle it was because he was noble to his friend of course but there was no hesitation even though the bully was revealed to be one of Lucas’ friends on the football team.
    I loved this episode and I can’t wait to see what’s in store with tomorrows episode when Cory, Topanga and Shawn visit Philly and Feeny!

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