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Mar / May 12th, 2015 / 7 Comments


Written by Mar

Last night (May 11th) Girl Meets World’s second season premiered with an episode titled “Girl Meets Gravity”. This episode was fantastic and really hit close to home for me. The episode started off with Riley introducing herself and telling where she’s from as well as the name of her school which she says is where she and her friends are the center of the universe or so she thought. I thought that the writers were on point with writing how teenagers start acting around the age Maya and Riley are. They think everything should revolve around them, get embarrassed by their parents, and think they should be able to do things without their parents being involved. Riley and Maya of course starting 8th grade didn’t want Cory to be their teacher again. I mean really what 8th grade girl would want their father to be their teacher?

When the girls got to school they ran into Farkle and Lucas. Things were a bit awkward for Lucas and Riley because they hadn’t really talked about the kiss that they shared in the beginning of the summer. When the four of them entered the classroom they were rather surprised to see that Cory wasn’t their teacher. The girls were a bit smitten with the new teacher which I thought was realistic too. I can remember when my friends and I would think certain male teachers were cute. The girls kept trying to talk over the teacher who ended up having a enough of their disrespect and walked out. Cory came in and the girls told him they wanted to transfer so he let them which surprised the girls because they didn’t they think he would. The next class was with a female teacher who also didn’t tolerate them disrupting the class. Maya and Riley were acting again as if things should be about them and the teacher ended up kicking them out of class. It then shows Riley talking about how sometimes you think that the world revolves around you but it really doesn’t. We then get to see what Cory is up to in his class. He is telling the students that the lesson is going to be that you shouldn’t take what you have for granted. In the meantime we see Topanga and Auggie at Mrs. Svorski’s bakery. Mrs. Svorski talks Topanga into taking over the shop for her. Topanga doesn’t want to but Mrs. Svorksi eventually talks her into it by telling her that things change. The girls come there after school and are taken by surprise that Topanga is there. Cory shows up about 20 minutes later and Topanga tells Mrs. Svorski she has the perfect manager for the bakery when she can’t be around. The manager that Topanga hires is Maya’s mom! The girls tell their parents how they want to do things on their own and don’t want them to be around all the time. At the end of the episode it shows us that when Riley was talking it was in the bakery at Mrs. Svorksi’s memorial service. Riley and Maya learn that you should never take things for granted and always appreciate having your family around because you never know what can happen. The girls learned a hard lesson that not everything is about them and they need to appreciate what they have. The very last scene of the show is Cory calling Mr. Feeny to see if he is doing OK.

This episode really hit me hard and I was crying by the end of it. 3 years ago my family and I had an unexpected tragedy when my father passed away unexpectedly. My sister and I had breakfast with him that morning and then later on that afternoon he took a bike ride. He never made it back home. This hit our family so hard as we never expected it and especially because at the time my sister was 6 months pregnant with my nephew whom my dad never got to meet. The part with Mr. Feeny also got to me because it made me want to call my Grandpa to check in on him but I can’t because he needs a speaking valve in order to speak. I hope that all the teenagers who watched this episode learned an amazing lesson from it. My hats are off the writers and cast for such an excellent episode.  I know that this episode is one that parents can relate to as well. I have a friend who has a daughter that is Riley’s age (she actually turns 13 this year) who just said the other day that having a teenager daughter is trying. Her girl is at that age like Riley and Maya where everything is about them.  I told her to sit her daughter down and make her watch this episode because she’d learn an amazing lesson from it.

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I'm Mar and I'm the website owner of BMWSequel.com. My favorite shows include: Once Upon A Time, Girl Meets World, Switched at Birth, Baby Daddy, Scream Queens and Pretty Little Liars. In my my free time I love working on this website to keep you all updated on everything Girl Meets World, the cast projects what the writers are up to. I also love spending time with my family and two cats. My 4 year old nephew is my whole world. <3 Side Note: I've been able to visit the set of Girl Meets World twice now and that cast is SO wonderful and welcoming. They are the most kindest people I have ever met. 🙂

  • Caitlin

    This episode was a great episode and it really hit home for me as well. Because I can relate to losing people. I lost my granddad in 08 and my brother in law unexpectedly 11 months after my granddad died. I didn’t even go up to see my brother in law get buried because it was too soon for me. What I like about this episode is that it dealt with a hard topic, death. Disney thinks that death on Disney channel will make kids sad. That’s why they rarely discuss death on the channel. But I love that they let GMW discuss death because it needs to be talked about. It really would bring up discussions with kids and their parents. And that’s what I like about GMW. It is discussing more mature topics. I can tell already that this is going to be a wonderful season.

  • Steve

    Fantastic episode with a wonderful lesson attached!! This season is going to be great!!

  • Playswith Squirrels

    So many feels!
    Anyway I love how the episode made lots of different references to Season 1 such as the way Female Cory says “Get Out!!!!” Maya clone gets failed and Riley doing the boop action to the new teacher.
    Cloris Leachman was fantastic returning as Mrs Svorski, she gave a character who would normally be very minor everything in just two episodes. The writers have stated constantly how this seasons theme is change and this was the perfect start. Topanga receiving the bakery and hiring Katy makes me hopeful we’ll see a lot more of both characters this season.
    The episodes lesson was that we are not the centre of the universe, the world doesn’t revolve around us and how we should treasure life, our family and our friends before its gone. Somehow the episode managed to be really funny and quite upsetting. Scenes such as the start of the episode with the epic Feeny reference and the alternate classroom stand out in my mind as being the funniest while Cloris Leachmans last scene definetly stood out as it managed to still be funny while also sad.
    By far my favourite part of the episode was the ending I can’t put into words how I felt but the scene (which was only just over half a minute) made me tear up. For any Boy Meets World fan its beautiful to see. Such a strong and emotional start to Season 2 but I’m ready, it’s time to take on the world!

  • Aryanna Ostgaard

    This episode also hit close to home with me as i lost both of my parents last March to Carbon Monoxide Poisoning (they were also found on my 22nd birthday while i was in a coma from the CO) so i i related this episode back to that. I think it’s a great episode to start off the 2nd season with since a lot of teenager do think the world revolves around them especially when they’re 13. It’s been 10 years since i was 13 so it’s getting hard to remember if i was like this but i probably was. I also lost my grandma when i was in 8th grade like Riley and Maya. I think the other lesson of this episode is that you should value family and the people in your life because you never know how much longer they might be in your life. Don’t push them away.

  • Reece Darlene

    I agree that I’m glad they touched base on a very serious issue – loss. And I loved the end, how Cory checks in on Mr. Feeny, that part definitely pulled on my heartstrings.
    But, in addition to all of these serious topics and such, I’m so totally geeked about all of the “Our Town” references.

  • I thought it was a great way to kick off season 2 and I’m so glad they’ve started hitting topics like this because it relates to everyone and it can be realistic and funny at the same time. I relate to riley in this episode a little bit because my grandad passed away 2 years ago, but I wasn’t really in his “orbit” that much, and I don’t think I got to know him that much, I don’t know if it’s because I was young or because we live abroad and only visit in the summer, and then anyways, Auggie relates to my older cousin who was like really close with my grandad just as auggie was close to mrs.svarski. So basically the episode is relatable- sorry for my bad sentence structure, this is just the internet, I hope there no examiners watching over me lol.
    I also loved that they mentioned God.

  • Bethany Heid

    I was pretty glad to see that Maya’s relationship with her mother seems to have improved at least a little bit. The way this episode began was amazing how she stated everywhere she was from. It makes you realize just how small we are compared to the vastness of the universe. Great start!

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