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Mar / February 17th, 2015 / 19 Comments

Lily Nicksay Lindsay Ridgeway 

Lily Nicksay (Morgan #1) on the left and Lindsay Ridgeway (Morgan #2) on the right

The Girl Meets World writers confirmed a few days ago that we are going to see Cory and Eric’s younger sister, Morgan. We know that this is a question asked by many, so we thought we’d let you know that we are going to see her again!

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  • Teddy Hawes

    Lily Nicksay (the first Morgan) is an AWESOME actress who had
    the best 1 liner’s i’ve ever heard as for Lindsay Ridgeway she is the worst actress I ever saw on the show when she came down the stairs half way threw season 3 and said (THAT’S THE LONGEST TIMEOUT I’VE EVER HAD) i knew we were looking at a bad actress

    • Matt Dinsmore

      You’re judging someone’s ability to act by a 20 year old line..from when they were 7?

      • Brian

        also she didn’t write the lines.

      • Teddy Hawes

        i’m talking about Morgan #2 who was 10 when she took over the role in season 3 + she hasn’t acted since 2005 unlike Lily Nicksay who was 5 when she started the show and 7 when she was let go because they wanted to age Morgan has continued has acting the past 20 years since leaving the show

        • BrianRommel

          She was 8 actually. Plus I thought she had some great stuff in I was a teenage Spy
          ” It was me I did it” after Eric hands her a shorted out microwave plug.

    • Michiel Van den Saffele

      I thought that line was awesome.

  • trinitynsg

    It has to be one or the other…. what does “We’ll probably start chronologically” mean??

    • Michiel Van den Saffele

      I think they might just let both of them play Morgan. It would be a great insider joke for the people that have seen BMW and have seen Morgan being played by both actresses already.

      • Lynne

        Roseanne did that with both actresses that played Becky. It was hilarious. “Arent you glad youre here this week?”

        • BrianRommel

          “You know I can have you replaced”

    • Kat

      Chronologically means arranged in the order that things happened or came to be. So I take that to mean they’ll start with Lily Nicksay first. But I hope they stick with her and don’t go back and forth between Morgans. That would be ridiculous and would bug the hell out of me.

  • Ashli Rae

    i loved second morgan when they were trying on topangas brides made dresses and morgans like, i wouldnt use that dress to wipe my !! and someone covered her mouth when she was about to say azzz. good stuff.

  • TwightHeart

    They done it before with Topanga’s parents because they were probably findin the right person to play them. So what’s the problem with doing with these girls.

  • Kyle_Maloney

    I like both morgans but wish they would just stick with the second one. we never saw the first one as an adult, so to go back to her would just feel weird to me now.

    • Kat

      We never saw the second one as an adult either. To me the second one just never felt right as Morgan and I would feel weird if they brought her back. Plus I’ve seen photos of both of them now. The first Morgan looks pretty much the same, the second one is unrecognizeable to me.

      • Kyle_Maloney

        She was 15 in the finale, that may not technically be an adult, but it’s far closer to one than original one ever was. I’ve seen pictures of her now too, she looks more or less the same to me, just a bit heavier. (she may have even lost weight since then).

  • Brittany Corinn Adler

    Lindsay Ridgeway should be on the show. Lily Nicksay was replaced and it’s no longer her role, so it’s technically still Linday’s role to reprise. They should pick up where they left off.

  • Roy Lee M

    So we’ll see original Morgan for a few episodes, then she’ll be replaced by the 2nd Morgan on another season. You can bet they’ll have some kind of joke in there about her looking different. Like they did on Fresh Prince when they replaced the aunt.

    • The_Shockerwave

      Or Do a Halloween Episode w/ Both of them as Witches or something or could be revealed that Morgan had a Twin or something.

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