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Girl Meets World / February 10th, 2015


Last year when Ben and Danielle were interviewed by Entertainment Weekly, they discussed the upcoming season finale episode “Girl Meets First Date“. With the episode airing next month (which the writers confirmed here) we thought now would be a great time to bring this interview back out. It answers the one question that everyone has been dying to know “Who’s Riley’s date?” For those that may not have read it, check out the quotes below:

(There are also interviews by Shineon-Media.com and OKMagazine.com below)

Entertainment Weekly:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What are you working on today? Last time I was here, you had dried milk on your face.
BEN SAVAGE (Cory Matthews): Cereal! Well, this episode is Riley’s first date, and it’s sort of the parents – really Cory – terrified that his daughter is going on her first date.
It’s basically how he’s handling it and then the date, and then Topanga’s character is a lot cooler and a lot more confident and happy.
DANIELLE FISHEL (Topanga Matthews): Yeah, all season long, the kids have been a foursome. They’re a group. But there are obvious flirtations between our daughter and her crush Lucas (Peyton Meyer). It’s the end of seventh grade, and people are starting to show an interest in coupling up. So this episode is really about Lucas getting up the nerve to ask Riley (Rowan Blanchard) out on a date, and it is Riley dealing with her first foray into a real adult situation like dating.

On TV. But you can tell me real life too.

SAVAGE: Cory is terrified of his daughter dating. I think Topanga is a little more OK with it. I think. At least this week. But Cory always never wanted anything to change ever. He’s very happy with Topanga as his wife and two kids. So my character, since 1993, has never been comfortable with change. And he wanted this girl and he wanted her pretty much since day one. There were little bumps in the road, and I think he’s very happy, sitting at home, playing board games in pajamas, ordering in food and going to bed early. And that’s just Cory. He likes thing settled and perfect and tied up in a nice little bow. So [the episode we’re filming today] is a challenge for him, because it’s a change and his daughter is getting older and it’s something he doesn’t want to accept. I think that’s something, again, that a lot of dads go through.


FISHEL: Cory wants to avoid all situations where there is potential risk for anything happening.
SAVAGE: [Chuckles]
FISHEL: Topanga is very much of the mind-set of “I trust my child because I’ve raised them well.” And so I feel more comfortable letting them possibly make a mistake when I know the outcome when they make that mistake is going to be “I recognize it’s a mistake and I’ve learned from it.” So Topanga is more ready and willing to let her child into the world and trust that there may be mistakes that were made, but she will always come back to what’s right. Whereas Cory is “hide her under a blanket, let’s protect her from the risks of the world.” So in this episode, I don’t think Topanga is more ready or more excited or more lackadaisical about her daughter going on a date, I think she’s just more willing to let her start experience life, and he wants to shelter her from it.

Source: EW.com


This episode is directed by Rider Strong.

Rider Strong and Ben Savage step behind the camera.

Both Rider and Ben will direct episodes of GMW. One of the episodes that Rider directs is called “Girl Meets First Date.”

Source: Shineon-media.com



Danielle Fishel: We just recently filmed an episode where Riley (Rowan Blanchard) had her first date. And I had a lot of opinions about how that should go and what that really meant and there’s a bit of a cliffhanger to the episode, but the way it’s going to be wrapped up in season 2 is something I’m very proud of, if we get picked up for a season 2 that is.

Source: OKMagazine.com

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