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Girl Meets World / January 20th, 2015

Girl Meets World cast photo

Examiner.com has interviewed Danielle recently.

I find it interesting that Danielle wasn’t aware that they were making Girl Meets World.

Quote from Examiner.com

The return to series television was an unexpected fork in the road for Fishel. The star who first brought Topanga into America’s living rooms in the 1990’s was prepared to look at acting in the rear-view mirror of her life as she was embarking on graduate school work in psychology. When producer Michael Jacobs called her to see if she might be interested in returning to the role of Topanga, she had just applied for her masters in marriage and family therapy and the prospect of series television proved an interesting dilemma.

“In my mind, acting and Hollywood were in the past and I was totally fine with that,” the actress recounted for me in a recent interview. “It wasn’t like I was sad or disappointed. I loved school, loved psychology. I wasn’t even thinking about it when suddenly I got the call from Michael (Jacobs) who said ‘hey I have something to tell you.’”

She  also talked about the show being in the making and what she wanted it to be:

Fishel said while she was excited about returning to acting and putting her graduate degree on the back-burner, she wanted to meet with the producers of “Girl Meets World” and express some concerns about the character of Topanga. Pitched to her by producers as a mom to a teenager, Topanga and her childhood boyfriend turned husband Cory moved from suburban Philadelphia to a life in New York City. She said it was “very, very important to me, especially in this day and age that we have a 17-year-old girl whose focus in life is something more than finding a relationship.” Fishel said she wanted her daughter in the show to be “really smart, have interests and have her focus on friendship.”

Another great quote from this interview is that she addresses that the kids are reading Social Media when an episode airs:

Today she observes when an episode airs, the kids are on their cell phones and reading tweets and emails as well as Facebook posts. Fishel cautions that “kind of instant feedback sometimes can be dangerous,” adding that she has seen a younger actor fall apart because of comments that have been posted online.

She has made a book called “Normally, This Would be Cause for Concern: Tales of Calamity and Unrelenting Awkwardness”. You can purchase Normally, This Would be Cause for Concern: Tales of Calamity and Unrelenting Awkwardness here.

Read more of the great interview Here.

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