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Girl Meets World / December 6th, 2014 / 26 Comments

Girl Meets Home for the Holidays

Picture Credit: Watch Disney

Shawn, Alan, Amy and Joshua return!

This was the episode that every Boy Meets World fan was waiting for since they filmed it back in March. It was the Boy Meets World reunion with Shawn, Alan, Amy and Joshua coming over to Cory and Topanga’s house to celebrate the Holidays with them. Cory was so excited to see Shawn as he hadn’t seen him in a while. It was awesome seeing Alan, Amy and Joshua come through the door then a minute or two later, we see Shawn do the same which was awesome as well.  It was great seeing Cory’s reaction when Shawn returned because it was as if we the time hadn’t changed at all. Shawn didn’t really interact much with the kids and that made Riley feels as if Shawn didn’t like her. She would ask him when her birthday was but he wouldn’t answer. Later on in the episode Shawn brought Riley and Maya to the bakery and finally answered the question that she’d been repeatedly asking him. He told  Riley when she was born, how tall she was, how much  she weighed, and that he was at the hospital all night waiting for Riley to be born.  Before leaving the bakery Riley told Shawn to look her. Once he did he said  “You’re Cory with Topanga’s hair. You got lucky.” which was a fantastic line.

During dinner Shawn and Maya got to talking to each other and they learned that they have some things in common. Shawn told her that he is a writer and a photographer who likes to travel, and Maya told him that she likes to draw. After this episode it seems that Shawn could quite possibly be a father type figure to Maya just like Mr. Turner was to Shawn in Boy Meets World.

I loved that in this episode Shawn and Cory passed the friendship torch down to Maya and Riley by telling them that they are the new “Cory and Shawn” for this generation.

We find out that Shawn gets scared and leaves New York City because it scares him that when he sees Riley, it reminds me of him that he doesn’t have a wife or kids. He also says that he’s not needed anymore as Cory and Topanga are busy with their lives as they have kids now.

One of the funniest parts of the episode is when Farkle came through the window when Shawn and Cory were talking. It only took one look for Shawn to know that Farkle was Minkus’s son. He turned to Cory and said “Minkus reproduced?”. Another funny moment was when Topanga yelled at everyone at the dinner table for devouring the food in 5 minutes since it took her two days to cook it all.

Maya also develops a crush with Riley’s uncle Josh.

There were great Boy Meets World nods in this episode as well which were the below:

Yip yip yip
“Yip, yip, yip, yip”

( Picture Credit: Watch Disney )

*While Cory and Shawn was sleeping on the couch and snoring, Cory did the “yip, yip, yip” reference.
*When Shawn and Topanga saw each other again, Cory went to them and said “My favorite person in the world and my wife”. (This was hilarious as well).
*Cory called Shawn “Shawnie”.
*Near the end of the episode, Cory saying to Topanga that their childhood was amazing together but it’s over now and it’s better now and the family that Topanga gave him is everything to him. Topanga is everything to Cory and she put her hand on his heart.

One downside was that Eric and Morgan weren’t mentioned in this episode. Overall, this episode was fantastic.

Discuss the episode below!

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