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Girl Meets World / December 3rd, 2014 / 12 Comments

Will Friedle

Today on Twitter the writers made several announcements about Season 2 of Girl Meets World.  They have confirmed that Will Friedle (Eric), Bill Daniels(Mr Feeny), Rider Strong (Shawn) and more will be back next season! They said that Shawn, Eric, and Mr Feeny will be an important part of Season 2.

You can read the announcement tweets below:


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  • TwightHeart

    Omg this is the best news yet, cant wait to see Eric

  • TwightHeart

    Omg this is the best news yet, cant wait to see Eric

  • Andy G.

    So happy to hear that Eric is coming back. Let’s all be honest…it was a must, otherwise the show would seem empty and wrong. I am happy that they are merging both the BMW and GMW worlds more often next year. I love Riley/Maya and am as invested in them as I was in Cory/Shawn so it will be wonderful seeing both friendships share the screen and story often.

  • chrisora2066

    Can’t wait!

  • chris

    I kinda hope it is jason marsden lol also hope it is turner or morgan

  • Scott

    That is so Awesome to hear. I have grown to love Riley and Maya and their relationship in Girl Meets World and am excited there will be more merging between GMW and BMW. Sounds like Season Two will be awesome.

  • Thank you so much! Your blog is great and I think you are a great, too.
    Many Many Thanks!Many Many Thanks!

  • Caitlin

    I seriously wonder now if Erric is going to be a hermit, married to a moose and will call Riley his Nitche instead of niece.

  • ali6132

    The sad part is, I agree with Caitlin. That is what Im thinking too. I can’t wait for feeny, Eric, and the feeny call.

  • Teddy

    Answer To Announcement #6 Lily Nicksay (Morgan #1) is Returning she’s the only original cast member that we have not seen or hasn’t been confirmed yet and honestly I CAN’T WAIT

  • Morgan is not the only cast member from BMW that has not returned yet. We have not heard from the Rachel character yet, We have not heard from Feeny’s Wife yet either. Those are the only other 2 that I can think of that I know about. I am not sure about Angelia if she has returned for an episode yet or if she is planning on returning any if at all either. There is Shawn’s Brother Jack Hunter too you know Matthew Lawrence has not returned yet either. I am sure that Joshua Matthews has already returned or made an appearance as has Alan and Amy Matthews too. Just the few that I know of have not returned yet besides just Morgan too.

  • Happy bday Shawn

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