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Girl Meets World / October 13th, 2014 / 10 Comments


“Girl Meets the Forgotten”

On Friday, October 10th 2014, Disney Channel aired what is in my opinion the most stand out episode of Girl Meets World that we have seen so far from season one. In this episode we got to see Danny McNulty return to his “Boy Meets World” role as Harley Keiner. The history lesson was called “The Forgotten” which the kids were given a lesson by Cory and Farkle about the Great Depression in 1929. After the kids made a mess in the cafeteria, Cory assigned Riley, Maya, Lucas and Farkle 45 minute jobs during school hours. Riley and Maya were put on cafeteria duty while Lucas and Farkle were put on Janitor duty. These kids didn’t realize when going into do these jobs how janitors and cafeteria workers are not as appreciated as they should be. Harley, the school janitor showed Lucas and Farkle what he deals with on a daily basis cleaning up the messes that the students make during school hours, or cleaning up the vomit when the students get sick. Geralyn, the cafeteria worker showed Riley and Maya how much work goes into cooking meals for the students and what all she has to endure during school hours. After doing these jobs, the kids realized how much these people work day in and day out in the school. Also who else loved it when Harley said to Cory “I appreciate you, Baboon”?

This episode was able to show the viewers that they should appreciate what their parents and school workers do for them. Most kids think that the janitors and cafeteria workers have it easy and this episode was able to show that they don’t. I thought that this episode sent out an amazing message to appreciate the people around you. You don’t realize what your parents do for you or what the people in your school do for you. I loved that Girl Meets World actually showed you the inside work that janitors and cafeteria workers do. The kids that watched this episode were able to see for themselves what these people do for them. At the end of the episode, Riley, Maya, Lucas and Farkle learned to appreciate what Harley and Geralyn do for them and told their classmates that they are taken for granted. Riley gave Topanga a hug at the end of the episode, told her that she loved her, and that she appreciated everything that she does for her and Auggie. If you are a younger viewer reading this, go give your parents a hug, tell them you love them, and thank them for all that they do for you. They provide you a home and meals. Thank you Girl Meets World, cast, crew, and writers for sending such an important message to the younger viewers.

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  • Kyle

    Shouldnt good be better than decent?

    • Girl Meets World

      I’m fixing it for the future polls. It doesn’t let me edit it, it seems.

  • Aj Starchild

    I am the biggest fan of boy and girl meets world I wouldlike to know what happened to some of the minor. Charcters like Frankie and Joey

  • TheFalcon

    Nice “return to form” for the show! Not surprisingly written by an original BMW writer.

    It was a well-told story with lots of funny and lots of heart. Thankfully no cutesy Auggie storyline (or Auggie at all). Danny McNulty and Sonya Eddy did great as guest stars. In fact, I think they should become recurring characters.

    My only complaint is that the show is trying too hard to create running jokes. Farkle’s “Haa!” Riley and Maya’s “Staaahp it” and everyone saying, “How ya doin’?” are kinda lame. The only running joke I like is Riley constantly touching people’s hair/face in a tender way. It’s hilarious and weird and classic Boy Meets World.

    This was my 3rd fave after 1961 and Maya’s Mother.

  • John

    Um, TheFalcon, Maya and Riley’s “Staaahp it” and Farkles “Haa” are hilarious, have a sense of humor, the hair touching just doesn’t fit in with anything

  • Trisha “playswithsquirrels”

    I am liking this show more and more! Least favorite, however, was the Halloween episode. I consider myself a superfan of the BMW series and have been excited to see where GMW takes things.
    I have to say Girl Meets the Forgotten is one of my favorite episodes so far.
    I’d like to share my opinions of the characters (somewhat in response to TheFalcon’s comment)

    I absolutely love when old characters (ie Harley Keiner) make appearances and hope to see them im recurring rolls. It is cool to see what has become of those characters since we left them in BMW.

    Cory: I miss some of the quirkiness and excentricities he had in BMW but I suppose that goes with growing up. He mellowed out a lot. I love that Cory seems to be passing on what he learned from Feeny and his parents to his children and students. For example, this is clearly shown in the parrallel of “Girl Meets the Forgotten” and “Fishing for Virna”/”Janitor Dad”

    Topanga: You see a lot of the same personality in her character that she had in the final season of BMW and I love that Danielle Fishel (and the writers) stayed true to her character and at the same time remember to include pieces of the Topanga of earlier episodes. As everyone tends to keep a little of their childhood selves.

    Mya: Seems to be a perfect combination of her parents personalities. At first I didn’t care for her all that much but as I’ve contiued to watch (and rewatched BMW) I’ve realized that the character of Mya really is a nearly perfect balance of Cory and Topanga. However, she sometimes toes the line of too weird and over the top and I kinda wish they’d tone down the boy crazy over Lucas just a little bit.

    Riley: is probably my favorite character. I think she is the most identifiable character on the show. I love that sometimes she has great comebacks and sometimes her jokes only seem to make sense to her but she doesn’t let it stop her. I love that she brushes Mya’s hair behind her ear whenever she says or does something naive as if to say ‘oh, but your just so pretty… that’s so sweet” (it’s something that my friends and I do to eachother when we, for lack of an easier way of saying it, have “blonde moments”~ps i’m blonde)
    I also love that Riley and Mya not only look out for eachother in their own ways but have their own inside jokes ie “Staaahp it” Every girl and her best friend has inside jokes like that.

    Farkle: he’s growing on me although he is a little too far out there sometimes. I like characters when they are believable. He has his believable moments but then drifts back to just plain weird and over the top and I don’t like the “HAAA!” that he does. Very annoying. Who really laughs like that? I do like when he flips the name plate and takes over the class though. I think that is funny.

    Lucas: I like him. He’s right up there with Riley for realistic and believability.

    Augie: He is no Morgan as far as sass and wit but he’s not meant to be. He is his own character. When he gets to be that character I like him. He’s cute (although his thing with the neighbor girl is weird). What I don’t like is the part at the end of an episode when he randomly gets up and sings opera or the Halloween episode. period. Things like that aren’t funny they just seem out of place and don’t make sense.

    All that being said. one of my favorite things about Girl Meets World dialog IS that everyone closest to Cory says “How ya doin’?” It was Cory’s trademark line in BMW and it makes a lot of sense that it would rub off on the people that are closest to him and hear him say it all the time. I absolutely LOVE that that simple phrase was carried over into GMW. Cory most definitely would not be Cory if he didn’t say that occassionally and the fact that his wife and kids say it now is awesome. Topanga said she wanted to ‘change everything about Cory’ (reference episode “Getting Hitched” S6E14) but you can tell that Cory has changed her too.

    Keep up the good work on this Series. I love that is grows as it goes and has many of the same values and lessons that BMW had that seem to be missing from most shows today. I love that it is so much more relateable than most other shows out there like Dog with a Blog or Jessie.

  • Vivian

    The Forgotten has certainly been one of the best so far (though 1961 is still my favorite). It had a solid, important message and a real reason for tying the History lesson into modern social commentary. I am so glad that very few stories in season one revolve around unrealistic 12-year-olds’ “sexual tension,” which I think is not something kids in real life go through at that age as often as the more true to life conflicts we’ve seen these kids go through so far.

    Cafeteria duty is a memory most of us have. I remember my brother, crying because the lunch ladies yelled at him when he was on lunch crew. When I started working lunch crew, I remember their being gruff and generally annoyed by us kids, but I was always nice and tried to do my job right. My mom tells me that, when she mentioned my very different reaction from my brother’s, I said, “Well, that was the best job those ladies could get. I’d be in a bad mood too.” So I guess I learned this lesson back when I was Riley’s age!

    I loved the humor surrounding the girls’ laziness. It was sadly realistic for pre-teens to expect their parents to do everything for them and think that the school is always magically clean. Peyton and Corey gave great performances as well– so cute in their little uniforms, becoming little men. Lol. It was also interesting to see more of Topanga’s unique parenting style, though I’m still hoping for more Riley/Topanga scenes that are longer than 5 seconds.

    Finally, Danny McNulty was a fantastic ninja janitor and (much like Lee Norris) was able to jump right back into character with some added history behind him. The best line was “…I have all sorts of issues.” Hopefully, we’ll get to see more of his story and how he wound up in this interesting position: cleaning up the hallways as a sort of penance for the trouble he caused in them all those years.

    I give this episode an A. 🙂

  • Jean marc rizk

    I just love the irony , i still remember Harley giving shaun a hard time about his dad being the school janitor,what goes around comes back around

  • sam

    harley didnt make fun of shawn about his dadbeing the janitor. that was just some random classmate

  • Melissa

    Trisha, you got riley and maya’s names switched xD

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