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Girl Meets World / October 7th, 2014 / 5 Comments

Girl Meets World Of Terror

Picture Credit: Watch Disney

This Halloween episode was wonderful. There were three tales in this episode. They were all facing their fears. Farkle was facing his fear of softball, Riley was scared to sleep at Maya’s house for the night (She likes to be at her house every year) and Auggie was scared of the “monster under the bed”.

Maya was pitching to Farkle and Farkle was scared of the ball (Is it me or did the composing music sound like from “And Then There Was Shawn”?). Lucas went to Maya to get the ball and while he did that he goes “I’m taking you out” and Maya goes “You’re not my type”. Yes guys, that wasn’t an asking out dating statement, that was just for the fun of it for baseball which many people misunderstood. Lucas pitched to Farkle but it wasn’t an actual pitch, he threw the ball on Farkle on purpose so he can’t be afraid anymore after that. Lucas was helping him out which was a nice thing to do. I loved when Maya said “Aww” after Riley in an attempt to flirt with Lucas pretended that she didn’t know how to catch the ball.

The scene with Riley and Maya where Riley was scared to sleep at Maya’s house was pretty great. We got to see more of Riley’s side. “Goodbye Riley, goodbye Riley, goodbye Riley, it’s gonna eat me, NOW” (wasn’t that so cute?!). Gammy Hart (Charlotte Rae (“Facts of Life”) popped up and scared Riley (Yes, that made me jump a bit, haha.). Riley realized she was being scared for nothing after Lucas and Farkle showed up at Maya’s windows.

The third story was with Auggie. He was scared to sleep because he thought there was a monster under his bed. He became friends with the monster under the bed after a bit which was a great lesson to everyone. These stories were great as everyone can relate to them. Cory and Topanga being in parent roles in this episode warmed my heart. Didn’t you also love when Cory put Auggie into bed? Cory is such a good dad.

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  • Kyle
    Posted on October 08, 2014

    I thought this episode was terrible, and I’ve liked every episode so far at least a little. It was a disjointed mess. Hopefully it never gets worse than this.

  • TheFalcon
    Posted on October 08, 2014

    I agree with Kyle. It was so awful I could barely get through it.

    It wasn’t just poorly executed like “Crazy Hat,” it felt downright incompetent. A story wasn’t being told; stuff was just happening. And that stuff wasn’t funny. The cutesy overload from Auggie’s character is also making the show hard to watch.

    I hate to say it, but the “new” writers on the show (who didn’t work on Boy Meets World) don’t seem to understand the tone and type of stories the show needs. The episodes credited to them feel like typical Disney Channel junk, maybe a little better.

    Still, I really liked “Maya’s Mother” and I loved “1961.” Totally worthy of the original show. They need to stick to that path and not turn this into Dog With a Blog or whatever.

  • Chris
    Posted on October 08, 2014

    I enjoyed this episode. I was getting worried after Crazy Hat cause I really didn’t like that episode! I mainly found that one a chore to get through. I liked this one though mainly cause I saw it as a non canon fun episode which is what I think they were going for?

  • Covarr
    Posted on October 08, 2014

    This is the only episode so far that I haven’t liked. Riley’s fear of sleeping at Maya’s place seemed out of character and more expected out of someone younger, the lessons were too in-your-face, and telling three stories meant not one of them got enough development time.

    I’m not usually a fan of halloween episodes of shows anyway. The Simpsons does an okay job because it makes a joke out of it, but trying to do it in a lesson-driven show like this just didn’t work for me.

  • kenzie
    Posted on October 13, 2014

    if anybody can find out can you please tell me what the window scene song is called i love the song and would like to know

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