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Girl Meets World / September 19th, 2014 / 2 Comments

Rider Strong

Picture Credit: TVLine.com

Shawn Hunter finally returns — as a director, at least — on Friday’s Girl Meets World (Disney Channel, 8:30/7:30c), and TVLine has an exclusive batch of photos from the time-traveling episode.

Friday’s episode, the first one directed by Boy Meets World star Rider Strong, involves Cory giving his class a “living-history assignment that takes the four friends [including Riley, not pictured] back to New York City in 1961.”

Strong is slated to reprise his BMW character — in front of the camera this time — in a future episode of the Disney Channel series.

Girl Meets 1961 premieres tonight at 8:30 on the Disney Channel!


Picture Credit: TVLine.com

Check out the rest of the pictures from TVLine here.

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  • i am sooooooo ready for our field trip to 1961 FYI that was 13 yrs before i was born

  • Vivian

    Best Girl Meets World episode yet and most like Boy Meets World.

    They finally nailed everything: tying in the history lesson to their real lives meaningfully, intertwining the characters lives cleverly, referencing other episodes without being hokey– all in a brand new setting. (I want to hang out at Cafe Hey.) Cory was informed by past experiences and a solid Feeny-in-training. Topanga finally felt like Topanga. I only missed one thing: Auggie.

    They even accomplished singing without making me angry. I was impressed because they all stayed SO in character and the music served the plot beautifully, as it always did on Boy Meets World. I loved that they chose to have Riley play her great-grandmother, instead of trying to recreate one of the vague grandparent characters from the old show. I finally feel for the new characters as much as the old characters.

    I suggest Rider and Ben direct every episode from now on. But if nothing else, PLEASE KEEP THIS PACE. Allow the actors a complete moment. They are really very good when directed well. I know I say almost each one is my new favorite, Girl Meets 1961 is really my favorite. I think it’s the first one to be as good as Boy Meets World (and possibly better than some Boy Meets World episodes).

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