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Mar / September 11th, 2014

Picture from John:

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Picture from Jessica with her friends Laura and Tom:


Pictures and experience from Kimberly with her sister Katelyn:


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I was so excited to have the opportunity to meet Danielle Fishel tonight! I’m 21, so
I can say I grew up with BMW reruns :), and I am a HUGE fan! It has always been
refreshing to know that I could turn to BMW (and now GMW) for clean quality TV. I
went with my sister, Katelyn, to Book-Ends in Ridgewood, NJ. We came pretty early,
so we had a chance to buy the book and read some of it in line. Along with her many
other talents, Danielle is a great writer! She appeared on time and gave a brief
introduction before starting the signing. The line was efficient, and we had time to
say hi and take a picture with her. She is so sweet (and she complimented my eyes!
Lol) My sister and I are so happy to have had the chance to meet Danielle. It was an
awesome experience!


Kimberly Nickles


Pictures from Melissa and Brittany:


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