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Girl Meets World / September 3rd, 2014 / 9 Comments


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Is Shawn Maya’s father? We’ll know in December.

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  • Nyah Garner

    Oooooooo that would be awesome!!!!!



  • Vivian

    I trust the writers and actors to keep everyone in character. If Shawn is Maya’s father, he must have either been unaware of it for years, or he had “Shawn” reasons for not being more involved. I think it’s interesting to think of Shawn having been attracted to Maya’s Chet-like mom. I also think they look and act similarly (Shawn and Maya), so it would fit in a way. And that would pretty much make Shawn more similar to Virna. So psych-heavy and true. I love it.

    As far as predictions, however, I see clues pointing in the other direction. Maya’s line “my father hasn’t sent me anything in a long time,” in “Girl Meets the Truth” suggests that he has sent her things in the past and that she knows who he is. Of course, her imaginative mother might have dreamed up an “imaginary father” (as mentioned in “Girl Meets Maya’s Mother”) and may be playing the part of her gift-sending father, Santa-style. It would also be a bit of a stretch to explain how Maya met Riley without the girls knowing that their dads were best friends. And speaking of characters, I can’t imagine Cory, hosting Shawn’s daughter in his home and teaching her in class daily and not being on Shawn’s ass every second of every day to get back in his own daughter’s life.

    My guess is that Maya is not Shawn’s natural daughter, but he may somehow develop into a Turner-esque role model for her, though I could envision it going either way. I’d certainly appreciate the acknowledgement on TV that children can be conceived out of wedlock. The plot could go a number of ways depending on which characters know the truth. And, as we’ve learned, “the truth always has a way of coming out.”

    Furthermore, it would be criminal not to address whether Shawn reconnected with Angela after the way they left in on Boy Meets World. If anything was left unfinished at the end of season 7, that was it. Almost everyone had a clean slate, except Shawn had this long distance “relationship” with a girl he rattled off in a sarcastic list of things he doesn’t actually have. They’ve got to address this.

    So, I don’t know about the rest of you guys, but I’m basically ready to sit back and enjoy. I can’t really imagine an outcome that would disappoint me. Shawn is there to bring the drama. I think continuing his crisis of turning into a version of Chet would be delicious, and I certainly want to see how he interacts with Maya’s mom. “Aw, you never let me down, Shawn” (-Cory, “Fishing for Virna”).

  • Sue

    Absolutely love this show…everyone in our family does from the 3 year old to the 6 year old to the teens, mom, and me (grandmom) So well done!

  • Lynn

    So, IS Shawn Myah’s dad?

  • Samantha

    Is Shawn Maya’s dad???

  • Grace

    If Shawn is Maya’s dad then he couldve not known about it. Maya’s mother may not have told him because she thought he would leave her and reject the baby so she pushed him away and never told him. Then when Maya asked about her dad her mom told her he left so she wouldn’t look like the bad guy in the story. I’d be really happy if Shawn was Maya’s dad as it would bring Shawn back as a regular in the show.

  • Abigail

    Here’s the thing I would love for Shawn to be Maya’s dad but if what Katy Hart, Maya’s mother, says is ture then Maya’s dads last name is Hart and not Hunter.
    But of course Angela Moore could have easily went to the court house and changed her name to Katy Hart. She could have then told Maya that her dads last name was Hart and not Hunter. The only problem with this theory is that Katy Hart’s maiden name is not Moore but it is Clutterbucket. As said in the episode of “Girl meets 1961” I say that we leave it to the producers and just hope that they go along with the fans opinions and make Shawn Patrick Hunter Maya Hart’s father

  • Nevaeh

    I honestly think Shawn hunter is her father because I the holidays episode Riley made them talk and Shawn said he would never leave a kid for 12 years and have no relationship in their life and maya says to wouldn’t? And he says no. Then she repeats the question and he says oh and they just stare at each other
    So I really think that Shawn Is Maya’s Father!

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