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Girl Meets World / August 17th, 2014 / 7 Comments

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Girl Meets World is on a small hiatus. We will let you know when it comes back once we get the air date. Girl Meets World isn’t cancelled, it’s renewed for Season 2. Filming is set to begin in November.

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Girl Meets World

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  • NickJWifey95

    I just hoped it comes back on soon. I guess it bexause summer is over rhey’ll probably continue in the fall or winter break

  • Kyle

    It comes back September 12th, the episode is called “Girl Meets Smackle”.

  • Chris

    Where did you find this Kyle?

  • edith

    It’s probably because of school

  • Edwin

    It grinds me hearing that it will be on Hiatus… This was one show that I always looked forward too more than any other show right now. Hope it comes back soon coz I need to satisfy my addiction to Copanga 😀

    • GMW

      Hi Sarah, there is no proof of this so that’s why we’re waiting on Disney or a main stream media to post a date.

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