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Girl Meets World / June 17th, 2014 / 122 Comments


Hey all Boy Meets World and Girl Meets World fans!

As you all very well know: the highly anticipated, GIRL MEETS WORLD, will premiere next week, June 27th!

If you guys are as excited, thrilled and anxious as we all are: this announcement will get you REALLY excited!

To help celebrate the premiere of GIRL MEETS WORLD, we are doing a giveaway exclusively for when the Pilot airs which are two Boy Meets World DVD Box sets.

You can read the guidelines here: http://bmwsequel.com/community/index.php?/topic/367-summer-giveaway/

You can submit your reviews for the Girl Meets World Pilot after it premieres here: http://bmwsequel.com/community/index.php?/topic/369-summer-giveaway-submit-here/#entry920

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  • Kim Burke

    My 4 kids would love this set

  • Kaycee Mauer

    Please pick me.

  • Corinna Patten

    Is there anywhere other than the Disney Channel I can watch? I don’t have Disney 🙁

  • Margaux Feldman

    I would be SO excited to receive this. I probably would binge watch it!

  • Melissa burkart

    So excited! Watched the piloit and it was okay I have a feeling it will get better! I melt every time I see Corey and topanga! I grew up with them and excited for disney to help us older crowd re-live my child hood along with sharing it with my kids. I’m sure by the end of season , it will be everyone’s favorite. I’ve heard so many people say so much positive feed back that it makes me even more excited! Tumblr , twitter, and Facebook has exploded with fans before it’s even aired ! It’s got be a winner since you have great writers , actors and directors from boy meets world on girl meets world! 🙂

  • Ashley Leazer

    I have loved BMW since I was little when it was on TGIF and I look forward to sharing the series with my children : )

  • Timothy Brown

    I love this show i grew up watching this show i hope i win

  • Justin Grubbs

    I love that grow up watching everyday after school

  • Trista Davis

    I loved watching Cory & Tapanga as a kid & I can’t wait to watch them with children 🙂

  • Amanda Clark

    I absolutely loved Boy Meets World while growing up and I cannot wait to start watching Girl Meets World with my daughter!

  • Samantha Wood

    BIGGEST FAN!!!! luv you 🙂

  • Christine H.

    I’ve already seen the pilot episode on iTunes and it was AWESOME! Can’t wait for more!

  • I would love to get a complete set of Boy Meets World! I’ve always been a fan and At the age of 35, I still am! I hope I win!

  • Stacy DeAngelis

    I love this show.i watched every seasion of it.& I still watch re runs & looking forword to girl meets world.

  • Stacy DeAngelis

    I love this show.i watched every seasion of it.& I still watch re runs & looking forword to girl meets world.& would love to have the compleat collection.

  • Danielle

    I thought Girl Meets World was awesome. I was a major fan of Boy Meets World growing up and I always hoped it would come back on because it really was a great message for kids. My boyfriend and I watched it together and we both thought it was similar to Boy Meets World except it seemed more for kids but the inserts of Boy Meets World made it bring back childhood memories. I was definitely impressed and plan to continue watching it and see how the characters grow.

  • Elyssa Copeland

    I have been watching boy meets world ever since I was little and I cannot wait for girl meets world to start

  • Sierra Nawahine

    I loved the pilot. I saw it on my phone while it was free on iTunes with my mom and it was amazing. I did watch Boy Meets World before and I was a huge fan. For me, the highlights of the episode were noticing how each new character resembled old ones. Maya reminded me of Shawn and obviously Farkle reminded me of Minkus. I didn’t expect much from it , but it definitely exceeded my expectations with great storylines and awesome characters.

  • I’m a big fan of boy meets world I seen all the
    Episodes of the show I would like to meet the
    The cast of the show and take pictures with
    Them and get there autographs and I’m
    Excited to see girl meets world I can’t wait
    Big fan justin nickel

  • Jeffrey A. Katz

    Really looking forward to this show. It’s been a long time in the making!

  • Jody Zwahlen

    I thought the pilot was amazing! Definitely had many nostalgic moments. I watched the pilot with my boyfriend and little sisters. I still am definitely a huge Boy Meets World fan. I think that some of the highlights were scenes with Farkle, Riley and Lucas’s first meeting, and Maya showing a vulnerable side to her tough exterior. I admit that I thought the show would not be able to live up to Boy Meets World; and would be like other Disney Channel shows. I am glad I was terribly wrong and it far exceeded my expectations. I feel like it differs from other Disney Channel shows because it centers on different valuable, relate able life lessons in each episode. From what I can see, other Disney Channel shows focus on comedic, ridiculous scenarios that have no sense of reality for the average viewer such as: talking animals, teenage pop stars, teenage nannies to millionaire children, etc. Not that other Disney Channel shows are not entertaining; but it is refreshing to see a show like Girl Meets World, which is so different and connects to audiences of all ages.

  • Sondra Norris

    I was just saying the other day how I wished Boy Meets World was on Netflix so I could watch it all over again!

  • Heather Mason

    I cannot wait for this show I’m 26 and excited I watch boy meets world religiously and I’m so stoked to see where it left off from!! Still watch this show everyday on abc family

  • I absolutely love this shoe and can’t wait to see the continuation of the family with the new Girl Meets World.

  • I absolutely love this show and can’t wait to see the continuation of the family with the new Girl Meets World.

  • Danielle Mortenson

    I would love one of these this is my all time favorite she im in my twenties till can’t wait to see girl meets world! !!!

  • Samantha Shields

    The world of television needs more shows like this on the air. This is well written and teaches viewers about values.

  • Gareth

    I am a big fan of boy meets world k.

  • Kendra Sturdevant

    It doesn’t feel like Corey and Tapanga have children already, I remember when you first, meet Tapanga, you could see that Corey and Tapanga were the best of friends and now their grown up and have kids.

  • Alycia

    I’ve watched Boy Meets world since I was little
    And still love that show till this day,
    When I found out Girl Meets World was coming out
    I was excited now I can’t wait to see it:-)
    I am 28 years old now and I will never get too old
    For boy Meets World 🙂

  • Drew Page

    So excited for a little old school tv show!! I know it’s not old school, but to re live a part of my youth is exciting!

  • Sean tarka

    My wife would love this! She has them all on VHS now and won’t stop watching them! She’s all hot and bothered about Cory Mathews coming back in girl meets world!

  • Heather

    I would love to get this not only for me but so when my daughter gets older she can watch it 🙂

  • Terra Lucas

    My husband and i Free up watching this and absolutely LOVE Boy Meets World. I would love to have this to share with him and my kids. 🙂

  • Heather S

    Omg I would love to have them for my kids. To actually be comfortable when my kids are watching something without me there. No swearing, no sex talk, no teen pregnancy, no drug use or smoking. Better than stuff they have on tv now!!!

  • Jen

    Would Love this set for my daughter and I to watch together just like my dad and I used to 🙂

  • hailley

    I am 13 and I LOVE BOY MEETS WORLD!!!! And my s B-DAY is coming up would I LOVE it. and I cant wait to see girl meets world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tony Evitts

    I liked boy meets world and I know I would enjoy girl meets world!

  • Natosha Clark

    I loved BMW and would love this so I can share it with my daughter one day!

  • Genna

    My birthday is Sunday, this would be such an amazing birthday present. I loved BMW, watched it every Friday on T.G.I.F!!!! Loved, loved loved the show!

  • Alaina DeYoung

    I’m a huge fan & watch reruns of BMW w/my little girls. I think GMW will be one of the only shows I’ll love to watch along w/my girls that is a wholesome & quality show! I’d love for u to pick me!

  • Jennifer Bruton

    I would love this so much. I love Boy Meets World. I still watch the reruns everyday. And I know I am going love Girl Meets World. I already have it ready to record on my DVR!!!

  • Dee

    *What did you think of the pilot?
    I LOVED it!

    *Who did you watch it with?
    My nephew

    *Were you a fan of Boy Meets World?
    Yes, big fan!

    *What were the highlights of the episode?
    Opening credits (paper airplane), Cory & Topanga, Feeny, “People People”

    *Did it exceed your expectations?
    Yes, it did! I was nervous but so excited.

    *And most importantly: how does this show differentiate with all the other Disney channel shows?
    In my opinion, a lot of the Disney shows these days are cheesy. I love that Girl Meets World is already like Boy Meets World. Parts of what made BMW so good were not only the characters but the topics that they addressed. I hope GMW tackles similar storylines.

    I watched the Girl Meets World pilot on iTunes and I LOVED it. I have loved Boy Meets World for so many years. I grew up watching the show. I miss T.G.I.F. I am such a 90s kid and Boy Meets World is definitely my favorite show of all time. I am reminded of this every time I re-watch the seasons. Recently, I got my 12 year old nephew to watch Boy Meets World. I loved introducing him to some of my oldest friends and this awesome show. He loved it. So I watched the Girl Meets World pilot with him. I have missed Boy Meets World for so many years. When I heard that they were doing Girl Meets World, I was so excited! It’s like a dream come true. I wasn’t disappointed with the pilot at all. I loved all of the Boy Meets World elements in the show from Riley giving her crush a thumbs up like Cory did to Topanga to Feeny at the very end. I also loved that they kept the paper airplane in the credits. That was a nice surprise. And I especially loved Farkle saying, “People People”. I think the show has a lot of potential. I know it’s not supposed to be compared to Boy Meets World and that it’s going to be about the kids on the show. But I very much look forward to seeing Cory and Topanga as parents. I’m just grateful for the chance to see those characters at all again, in any capacity. I only wish that Shawn was part of the show. To me, Boy Meets World was about Cory and Shawn just as much as it was about Cory and Topanga. I think Girl Meets World is different from anything else on the Disney Channel because it was created by the same people who created Boy Meets World. The shows on the Disney Channel these days are so different from what they used to be. Maybe it’s because I’m an adult now but I miss the old Disney shows. I think Girl Meets World has the potential to be like those shows but still be relatable to the kids of this generation. I think it will bridge the gap between the generation that watched Boy Meets World and this new generation. In conclusion, I give the pilot episode two thumbs up and I so look forward to the rest of the season. I hope this show lasts as long as Boy Meets World. I think it’s so amazingly cool that we got to see Cory grow up and now we get to see him as a dad. I hope the show lasts for a very long time.

  • Kat

    I would love to have this set so as my daughter grows up she can lean all of the same lessons I did from this show. Boy Meets World is one of the best shows of all time with so many values. Cannot wait to see what Girl Meets World brings! It is the type of shows we need back!!!!!!!

  • Angel Hartman

    I love love love this show!!!!

  • Rebekah

    So excited about Girl Meets World. I watched the pilot with my mom and one of my brothers. My Brother and I grew up on Boy Meets World and were/are huge fans! We thought it was a great pilot. It had lots of the innocence and silliness of the first season of Boy, and also several allusion’s to it as well. Some of our favorite moments were the fire sprinkler and on the subway. At the very least the pilot met our expectations, quite possibly surpassed them. We loved how this show was so much more realistic then most of the shows on Disney right now. I only wish they were showing it on ABC instead of Disney right now. The only way I can watch is to record it at my grandparents house. Looking forward to more episodes.

  • Daniel

    It was great watching Boy Meets World growing up. This is a great way to bring this series to the next generation.

  • The pilot was amazing. It was so funny. Its great to see Cory and Topanga back. The loving feel is so great. My favourite part was Mr Feeny. I had tears of joy. Can’t wait for more!!!!!

  • michelle dejesus

    i loved it very good .loved cory and tapanga coming back and raily is so cool just like lil cory. miss mr finny i really would love this dvd sets i grew up on this show and now my kids is waching girl meets world.. bravo!!! keep making more and bring the former cast back aswell..remember the old boy meets world viewers are here waching still loyal to this …

  • Amanda Dasinger

    It was pretty cute! It will take a few more episodes for me to know how it compares to BMW. I watched it with my husband who is a much bigger BMW fan than I. We quote BMW together and told him about my pregnancy by asking for “waffles and butter” and he totally got what I was saying!!!! They highlight was him seeing mr. Feeny (love him) while leaving the station. I can’t wait to watch more 🙂

  • Melissa

    Omg GMW! Feeny at the end brought a little of the old bmw back. The shows that helped kids back in the day, is coming back! Corey and Tapanga together will always be awesome!! I wish there was mpre of Tapanga in the first episode, but its only going to get better each episode! Forever a BMW fan! ♥

  • Autumn

    Loved watching with my about to hit middle school

  • Michelle hard

    The pilot was awesome. It wasn’t too much or too less. It was perfect how they are turning it about Riley n Maya but still resembles boy meets world.
    Watched it alone.
    Was a boy meets world fan still watch the re runs!
    When Cory and Topanga were first present in the beginning, when Cory looked back in the subway and saw mr. Feny and he said well done. When Maya was starting her rebellion of the homework and tried to set it on fire and set the sprinklers off
    It exceeded my expectations and then some!!
    Girl meets world differentiates from other Disney shows because this one ties into a well loved family that many hearts grew up loving and watching grow. And feels more like what normal kids go through.

  • evelyn arvizu

    Girl meets world had some similar stuff to boy meets world but overall i really loved it. I grew up watching bmw but def will watch this new spin off.Riley is a lot like Cory when he was a teen. Cant wait till the rest of the season

  • Sarah Fortin

    The most unbelievable part of the Girl Meets World pilot isn’t that Cory (Ben Savage) and Topanga (Danielle Fishel) are now grown adults with children of their own, or even that Girl Meets World is a series that exists at all. It’s that there’s enough room for Riley (Rowan Blanchard) and Maya (Sabrina Carpenter) to move around on the New York City subway without accidentally grazing someone’s boob or feeling like they might suffocate at any moment. Where is this magical subway? What is this magical world? Oh right, it’s the extension of the one created in Boy Meets World, a place where you meet your soulmate in middle school and all of life’s important lessons are taught over the course of 22 minutes by your insightful, advice dispensing neighbor, who also happens to be your middle school teacher, who happens to be your high school principal, who happens to be your college professor.
    Boy Meets World and the idyllic scenario that it portrayed for seven seasons in the 1990s, chauffeured Cory and Topanga through their blossoming sixth-grade romance all the way to their eventual marriage and post-collegiate lives. It shaped and molded a generation during those years, eventually morphing from the childish series it started as, into a thoughtful story about adolescence and young adulthood. The series was always humorous, but it wasn’t afraid to also tackle more adult subjects like sex, abandonment, alcohol, and loss. This is the series that taught us the power and importance of friendship, and in one of the series’ finest hours, the idea that when you lose one friend, it’s easy to lose all friends, and eventually yourself.

    Fans of the original series rejoiced last year when Disney Channel announced it was making a spin-off of the popular series featuring Cory and Topanga and their two children. The current television landscape is littered with antiheroes, with dark and depressing stories about murders and the end of the world, and so perhaps it should come as no surprise that viewers were desperate to feel the familiar heartwarming tendencies of a show like Boy Meets World again. Girl Meets World certainly fits the bill, but the series—the first and only born from our collective nostalgic desires—is not for Boy Meets World fans. It’s a tween series on a tween network made for tweens, and fans of the original series should not expect anything more than that.
    Oh yes, there’s plenty for Boy Meets World fans to enjoy about Girl Meets World’s pilot, including a fun cameo by William Daniels’ beloved Mr. Feeny to close out the episode, but fans hoping to find a series about Cory and Topanga will be disappointed to find that they play little more than supporting roles in this new series. Fishel’s Topanga barely registers in the pilot save for the wild reaction from the studio audience when she first appears. And Cory only has the screentime he does because his role as Riley’s teacher and mentor requires it. If you’re tuning in to find out what married life is like for Cory and Topanga 14 years after they left for New York in the BMW finale, then I’m sorry to say that’s not what you’ll get.

    But if you’re tuning in to find a show about growing up and finding one’s place in the world, then you’ll probably walk away from the pilot a happy viewer. Girl Meets World is a worthy successor to its parent series, fits in well with Disney’s current programming slate, and for a new generation watching the Disney Channel, the series is actually funny and well written. In the pilot, Riley’s desperate to break out from her goody-two-shoes ways to be more like her daring and from-the-wrong-side-of-the-tracks best friend Maya. They lead a “no homework” rebellion in Cory’s classroom, which ends badly for Maya when one of the sparklers she’s stolen from Farkle (the son of BMW’s geeky Minkus) to light everyone’s homework on fire sets off the the sprinkler system.
    The episode ends as you expect it to, with Maya telling Riley she’s a bad influence and Riley making the decision to not give up on Maya or their friendship. The similarities to the friendship between Cory and Shawn (Rider Strong) and Riley and Maya are obvious—perhaps a little too obvious, really—but their friendship is the basis for the series and it works just as effectively as it did in the original series. I fully expect to see the show give voice to these similarities somewhere down the line, preferably in a patented life lesson speech from Cory that he cribbed from Mr. Feeny.

    Girl Meets World might not be the show we wanted it to be, but it’s the show it needs to be for the Disney Channel and it will probably enjoy a nice run of episodes. Just as Cory has grown up and graduated from the young man we last saw 14 years ago, so have Boy Meets World’s fans and we should probably just accept that we’re not the show’s target demographic any longer. Girl Meets World is very much a series about Riley and her own adventure meeting the world, because as Cory tells his daughter in the pilot, he’s already met it.

  • Chanda Bishop

    Loved the first episode!! 🙂 It appears as though it will address many topics kids face. I’m 31 and a big fan of the original BMW . I miss the shows we had as a kid on TGIF that taught more real life lessons. Great job Disney, our family will definitely be tuning in for GMW!!

  • Kat

    *What did you think of the pilot? AMAZING! It has so much of the original show in it. A lot of good jokes that are very similar to being in Feeny’s classroom.

    *Who did you watch it with? My husband. Baby was sleeping.

    *Were you a fan of Boy Meets World? Was?? I still watch it on ABC Family EVERY DAY!

    *What were the highlights of the episode? Mr. Feeny at the end made this episode… but also…. Cory climbing through the window in the start; The opening, especially seeing Topanga with crimpy hair; Riley pulling a Cory with “no homework, more freedom”; “Why is cake always so delicious?”; They look on Cory’s face when he saw Maya was just like Shawn; The subway scene; The scene after when Cory sees that Maya is Riley’s Shawn; The fact that the show is in the city where they moved too!; Riley getting her first subway pass;

    *Did it exceed your expectations? It met them.

    *And most importantly: how does this show differentiate with all the other Disney channel shows? Being new parents, we have not seen any other shows yet. But thanks to Girl Meets World we will be watching Disney Channel A LOT more!

  • brittany campos

    I love boy meets world been a fan for many many years i watch bmw re runs every day!

  • EmilyOrtiz

    I love Boy meets World . Im so Glad that it came as Girl Meets World I downloaded the first episode on ITunes for Free .

  • Todd

    I grew up with Boy meets World we did things together when even graduated high school at the same time

  • stephanie narita

    I love it! The fluidity of the scenes need to be better, but hopefully that changes. I think they over emphasized the transition from boy to girl, but it was great either way. Riley is a mini corey for sure and maya reminds me of sean. Pleasantly surprised to see Corey as her teacher! Overall I will keep watching! 🙂

  • ZoeAnn

    This was such a good pilot!! I can’t wait for more… There is so much heart in show you can just see it in ever scene. I can’t wait for more…. I love boy meets world and now I love girl meets world!!!

  • Just watching it is such an awesome time to sit with my three daughters and relate to now and then. Love it. Want more.
    stop the negative comments. Like momma always said, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Think about it

  • Shantel M

    I loved Boy meets world! Very happy about girl meets world! I think it will be great and a lot boy meets world fans will tune in! A good show for the whole family!!

  • analisa gillespie

    Loved it can’t wait to see more!!! I want to win this!!!

  • Kathy Kringstad

    I would love this, I watch Boy Meets World every day!

  • Krista

    We would love this soooo much! We love to watch reruns of BMW, and I know the kids will love GMW.

  • katie

    i loved boy meets world. was an awesome 90s show. most shows now a days arent that great anymore. would love to own the series on dvd. and cant wait to see girl meets world.

  • Ashlee w

    I grew up with BMW! I was so excited for the premiere tonight. I even watch all the reruns everyday on ABC family of BMW. Can’t wait to see more of GMW. Loved the episode!
    And I can’t wait to show my kids all the episodes!

  • Paige Gunset

    I grew up watching Boy Meets World and now my daughter is watching Girl Meets World. I really enjoyed being able to watch this with her. She loved it just as much as me. Thank you for making a sequel.

  • Blast from the past…..love it and Girl Meets World

  • Emily Driskill

    In the review, please include:
    *What did you think of the pilot? Loved it!!!
    *Who did you watch it with? No one 🙁
    *Were you a fan of Boy Meets World? Yes!!!
    *What were the highlights of the episode?Fenny!!!!
    *Did it exceed your expectations? Not yet we will see as it goes on
    *And most importantly: how does this show differentiate with all the other Disney channel shows? The adults in their 20s will love this one cause it will be apart of their childhood coming back

  • That was an adorable pilot! I had moments where it brought back nostalgia of BMW. Maya is a lot like Shawn was but she is her own person. I squealed with delight when Feeny showed up at the end because I was a die-hard BMW fan from way back. I watched until the last episode and laughed and cried.
    I watched the GMW pilot with my 3 year old. She had no clue what was going on but she danced to the theme song lol. I had high hopes and I was not disappointed. I have my fingers crossed that it will air as long as BMW did and my daughter will be able to watch one day.
    I’m not actually certain how GMW compares to other Disney shows because I have a preschooler and we mostly watch Disney Jr … Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. ..etc

  • Melissa Aston

    Loved it. I watched it with my 10year old daughter. She lived it to. Was a huge fan of BMW when i was younger. Loved how it shows Riley trying be like Mya. This is gonna be a disney show parents can watch with their kids cause we can all relate to the characters. Cant wait to watch more.

  • Alexis Alvarez

    I was and still am a huge BMW fan thanks to reruns. I waited months for GMW. I have to say i was slightly disappointed with the pilot. It was too disney for me and didnt quite have the BMW chemistry. however i will watch again next week in hopes that it will get better.

  • Jackie vollmer

    It’s so sweet watching this! You grew up with Cory and topanga, you went through similar issues. And here it is what 10+yrs later? And now it’s like you can relate on a whole new level! I’m so excited for this new beginning!

  • I remember watching boy meets world every friday night as part of tgif. Now my daughter gets to watch girl meets world and she loves it.

  • heather henslee

    I don’t even know where to start. I loved Boy Meets World. It has and will always be my favorite show. But one episode in and I am loving Girl Meets World almost as much! Please keep the show going. I would love to win and reminisce over the Boys episodes.

  • Austin Balke

    I love BMW, and I’m so excited for GMW! So great that a similar idea can be brought to inspire another generation.

  • April Gomez

    I have always been a fan of the show and would love to watch them over and over again 😉

  • Hannah green


  • Tabitha

    I grew up with BMW. And watching this tonight with my son and calling my brother and us discussing old episodes over just this one, brought back so many amazing memories for us. I’m so happy this is back. We have been waiting for this to happen since 2000! I can’t wait for the rest of the season. And many more seasons to come.

  • Claudia Polio

    The Pilot was everything an old BMW fan could hope for. While appealing to the younger generation because yes that’s who its supposed to appeal to, it stays true to Boy Meets World. I didn’t know what to expect especially with the Disney Channel being it’s anchor channel but I’m excited to see how the characters progress as the season goes on. Well done Mr. Jacobs. And thank you for bringing a little bit of my childhood back.

  • Ashley

    I was so excited to watch this tonight!! I grew up watching BMW and I love that I can share the sequel with my own kids! I absolutely LOVE how much the kids look like they really are Corey and Topanga’s kids! Kudos to the casting staff!! I thought the pilot was cute, and I look forward to watching it again!

  • Anum Ahmed

    I watched the pilot for Girl Meets World online and then again when it premiered. I was extremely impressed with the way it turned out, considering how my expectation for Disney Channel shows dropped over the last few years. I plan to watch it with my mom again since I recorded it. Boy Meets World was (and still is) my all-time favorite show. It’s so relatable to the 90’s generation, and I love how Girl Meets World is attempting to bring back all these important concepts and moral lessons from our past. I was very satisfied even when the first scene of Girl Meets World was playing. Corey was typical Corey, which was what I was hoping for, and Topanga is responsible and beautiful like everyone knew she would be. I loved how he established that he had found his world, and now it is time for Riley to make the world her own; that was a perfect transfer from old show to new show. I like how Farkle is a modern day Minkus, and how Maya is the same type of best friend that Shawn is to Corey. It was such a nice blast from the past when Feeny showed up at the end, and he seemed very pleased and at peace with how Corey has taken his place as teacher and how Riley is growing up to be a good kid like Corey. This show highly exceeded my expectations. This show is already better than the other Disney Channel shows. It brings in real life serious situations that are lacking from the other shows that just focus on the younger kids comedy aspect. The original creators of BMW understand that, and that is why Girl Meets World will be the hit show of this generation.

  • Kirstin

    I was a huge fan of BMW and still am to this day. I watched this show with my son and I’m so thankful disney is giving me the opportunity to let my sob enjoy the same life lessons that I grew up with. I do think it’s different from other disney shows because the kids are still NORMAL unlike most Disney shows and it still has Cory and topanga!

  • Annie Guadarrama

    I loved the pilot! There were things that I recognized as throwbacks to the original show and things I thought might be but wasnt sure, maybe it just seemed like they had done it before.

    I watched it three times online already but I wanted to watch with my nephew and niece who are 8 and 4. They’ve seen the original so they weren’t as excited about it “coming back” like I was. But they did like it. I watched the original BMW when it first came out and I’ve watched on reruns it ever since!

    I enjoyed Riley and Maya’s relationship. Maya is a spot on version of Shawn. And Riley is so much like Cory, I’m convinced they could do the exact scripts from BMW and you wouldn’t be able to tell it wasn’t meant for them.
    Being made from the same creators of the original BMW, it was exactly what I expected. The characters are true to the originals and reminiscent of the ones I grew up with.
    I love that this is a “normal” family show. There’s no secret powers, or singers. There’s not really any show I can watch with my nephew and niece and we all enjoy it.
    Can’t wait for the rest of the season and so excited to see Shawn’s return in the Christmas episode!!!!!

  • Mary Mellberg

    Huge fan of boy meets world and loved the show tonight, can’t wait to see more episodes.. looking forward to seeing more…

  • Christine Cavaliero

    I watched Boy Meets World when I was younger and thought it was great hearing my 2 kids laughing at Girl Meets World as I used to! This is definitely going to be a show that we watch as a family!! My family and I laughed the entire time we were watching. We can’t wait to watch the next episodes!

  • April Wheeler

    I would love this! Boy Meets World is probably my favorite show ever. I grew up watching it on TGIF and now watch the reruns with my 12 year old niece.

  • Tammy Mulkey

    I have always loved boy meets world so I was very excited for the premiere. In fact I do not have cable tv, so I went to a place that to watch it. Very funny and enjoyable. I am excited to see more. I like how Mr. Feeny was there at the end.

  • stephanie r

    sooo excited to see them again!!!

  • I loved Boy Meets World growing up, I am now 31 and the married, for 11 years, mother of two boys ages 6 and 10. I watched the pilot episode myself first to see if I felt it was appropriate for my kids to watch, since “family tv” left us long ago. I adored the first episode on so many levels. First as a BMW fan, I loved it for the nostalgia of it. Danielle and Ben brought back Cory and Topanga right where they left off, tv magic. Secondly as a wife and mom in the same age range and with kids in the same age range as Topanga and Cory, I felt I could relate on a parental level and enjoyed that aspect of the show, in how their characters have matured and how they handle they everyday situations of raising a family. Thirdly the inner teen girl in me loved the friendship between Riley and Maya. I was also really impressed how appropriately everyone, especially the girls were dressed. My 10-year-old son loved the pilot episode as well (I haven’t shown him the second episode yet, but I’m sure he will love it as well.) my 6-year-old thought some parts were funny but most of it was above his head. It was so wonderful to have a cute, funny, family-friendly show back on tv. We love Girl Meets World just as much as we loved Boy Meets World, so far. Well done to the producers and writers for creating an original show while staying true to the roots of the old show!

  • Vance Kauffman

    Oh man I loved the pilot episode of “Girl Meets World” I’ve also watched the 2nd episode already I’m going to re-watch the episode again on July 11th. The 90s were awesome I remember running home from school on Friday’s for the TGIF lineup for Boy Meets World, Full House, Family Matters, Sabrina The Teenage Witch & many more thous were all ways a great start to the weekend. I watched Boy Meets World a lot when I was younger it was the greatest thing since slice bread, but anyway I’m really hoping I win this contest.

  • Jennifer Schmidt

    Loved the pilot! Can’t wait to see more. BTW my husband sets the DVR for old Boy Meets World episodes. The DVD’s would be great

  • Britney

    This would be so awesome to win! I love Boy Meets World and I know I’m going to love Girl Meets World just as much! Such a great show.

  • Ray Amaya

    I have been looking forward to seeing the new show for over a year now. BMW was such a big part of my life growing up in the 90s. I still catch all the reruns all the time and realize how real and comical the messages and content was. I know that the show will grow stronger and can’t wait to see some of the familiar faces from the original cast of BMW. Seen the first two episodes and can’t wait till my daughters come home so we can share something on television together, especially in a time when shows come and go and more and more parent’s seem to be content with their children watching shows and movies that are beyond their children’s ability to truly understand. Thank you BMW FAMILY!

  • Lauren

    Boy Meets World changed my life and shaped who I was growing up. I watched last night with my eight year old daughter and my hope is to share a piece of my childhood with her. 🙂

  • Stacie

    I thought the pilot was a great start to the series! Can’t wait for more.

  • jessica wright

    I grew up watching boy meets world and still watch it just about every time it’s on tv. I had very high expectations for this show. And was pleased with it. I watched the premier with my husband and daughter. I like seeing all the ways the show resembled boy meets world but at the same side was really different. Right now the show seems to be aiming at the younger preteen generation but I’m hoping as the characters gtow and mature that the show will also. This show seemed more realistic than other Disney shows. Most shows Disney has are meant to be comical or musical. This show seems like one that kids can really relate too growing up. All in all even though the only reason I watched it was for Cory and tapanga I was impressed and have a series recording set on my dvr. I can’t wait to see how the new show progresses.

  • Terri Hunt

    Loved the show. Don’t like waiting 2 weeks before another episode.

  • Missy Strack

    I would love to have this!!! I grew up watching this show and miss it!!

  • Mary

    I liked it a lot. Watched it on iTunes a while ago. Loved the special appearance of feeny. I really love boy meets world. I think that this show has a lot of potential. Other shows on Disney channel don’t have that many people thethat can relate to them. This show everyone can learn something from. The highlight from the episodes would be that Cory basically passed on the torch to Riley. Showing everyone that it’s her show not his. It met my expectations very much so. I also watched it by myself. Wish I had cable st so I could watch this show!

  • Boy meets world is the best. It brings the best childhood memories i can ever have.
    I love it so much i hope i can be able to share the experience with my boys!!!
    ((Best wishes to girl meets world))

  • Btw cory and the topanga are the cutest couple ever.. i love them so much!!!

  • Shantelle Roberts

    I grew up watching this show since the 90’s (now 31) and would love to have the complete set of Boy Meets World and remensize on every episode besides watching them all on Youtube and other sites online! This would make my weekend and summer!! 🙂 xx

  • Shantelle Roberts

    I meant ‘reminisce” 😛 🙂 Hope they bring back TGIF!!!

  • Lynn VonBruchhaeuser

    Thank you GMW for bringing back entertainment that I can enjoy with my kids! We loved it!

  • Trina

    In the review, please include:
    *What did you think of the pilot? Great. I liked linking who was like who from Boy meets world
    *Who did you watch it with? My younger sister and Step mom
    *Were you a fan of Boy Meets World? YES!!
    *What were the highlights of the episode? What she landed on the ladies lap (mom from sister sister) on the metro and she picked her up amd said “it’s for you” as she places her on his lap. Then when he was the new student in class. Then when Corey dragged him away in the cafeteria and he just waved.
    *Did it exceed your expectations? It met them.
    *And most importantly: how does this show differentiate with all the other Disney channel shows? My sister said it has better acting than the other Disney shows.

  • Christopher Tuck

    *What did you think of the pilot?
    As with most sequel shows, the pilot was not what I was expecting or hoping for. I don’t remember the original series being this silly and outlandish. Honestly, that’s a trend with children’s shows I don’t like and part of what I always liked about BMW was it didn’t stoop to the unrealistic antics and out-right corniness. But, I will hold out hope, as the writer said, give it 5 episodes. They truly did write up to the audience, and I hope that eventually finds its way into the story. But Farkle needs to tone it down, as does the woman on the subway, I didn’t understand the point of her character. I did enjoy the dynamic between Riley and her father, and Riley and Maya, even if both were coming off as a little forced and eccentric. It reminded me of the episode of BMW where Shawn and Cory (guess who started this one?) started a “rebellion” after reading Grape of Wrath. Maybe what’s missing is some outside force, like Mr. Feeny or Mr. Turner in BMW, who could guide. The big difference, in my opinion, is this is Riley’s dad, not her teacher, trying to guide her. The dynamic between watching teacher and parents providing life lessons, and how they could sometimes be at odds or complementary was great. Topanga kind of fell into the background, but I still liked her character. I don’t know the little brother’s name, but his scene was a highlight of the episode. Overall, I liked it. But please, for the sake of the show, heed some feedback and dial the eccentricity back. I couldn’t see Mr. Feeny let a student climb on his back. Or any teacher nowadays. Overall, I’d say it was good with lots of room for improvement. Which I hope it does. I’d like my daughter to have something she can watch and relate to.

    *Who did you watch it with?
    I watched it by myself, though I will re-watch it tonight with my wife.

    *Were you a fan of Boy Meets World?
    Very much so. They helped guide me through life. That’s what made the show great, it had realism and heart.

    *What were the highlights of the episode?
    Of course, Feeny. Riley’s little brother’s scene was hilarious. That kid has comedic timing. Riley’s character and expressions were so reminiscent of young Cory and it worked well for her. It’s hard for girls to be just people in todays shows without being over-the-top girly. I loved Topanga’s character because her every move wasn’t dictated by boys. So Riley worked well. I do enjoy Ben Savage’s portrayal of an older, yet still goofy dad. Oh, the scene where he dragged the boy from the cafeteria was hilarious.

    *Did it exceed your expectations?
    No. I expect more. I understand you can’t compare one episode to however many years BMW was on, but you do. It was almost like too much was crammed in one episodes. Boys, homework, dealing-with-dad-as-a-teacher, Maya’s home life, friendship, freedom, boundaries. It was all over the place.

    *And most importantly: how does this show differentiate with all the other Disney channel shows?
    I think this is already a great deal better than other Disney shows. I watched Disney growing up, and the quality of the shows (like most other kids stations and shows) has deteriorated rapidly into a swirling vortex of quick movements, tasteless gags, and unrealistic situations. I’m not a fan of how these shows portray kids with such extreme emotions. My nephews watch certain shows and they pick up on it and think they need to be center of attention and constantly making people laugh and being outrageous. This show has the potential, especially with this great cast, the really be different and that’s a good thing. Put some heart in it, cut back on the crazy antics, focus on the lessons without being so obvious or preachy about it. Remember, friends aren’t always friends (Cory and Shawn has some moments at each other’s throats) and people don’t always get along. This show is better than most other shows out there already. Keep it trending up.

  • I have been a HUGE fan since the FIRST episode. my 10 year old son watches all the episodes with me, now he is a huge fan!!!

    I’d love to win this set for my son. <3

  • Yes I am a huge fan of Boy meets world and I would love to have the dvd box set.

  • Heather

    I’m a Boy Meets World can (and now a Girl Meets World fan!)- I would love to win this!!!!!!! Here is my review: http://bmwsequel.com/community/index.php?/user/3938-heathymom/

  • Robert

    Absolutely loved it! I grew up with BMW and now that I am a parent I’ve been looking for a great show to watch with my son and GMW is that show. We loved the pilot and by far the best part was Mr. Feeny appearing and saying “well done Mr. Matthews.” More like well done Disney and Michael Jacobs!

  • Kelly Barina

    I would love to win this set! I love Boy meets World!

  • Jen-nie Mills

    I Loved Boys Meets World growing up & still Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And already Loving Girl Meets World!!!!!!!!

  • Boy Meets World was the series that marked my childhood and I absolutely lived for the show! Went back to see all the episodes again later when I was about 16 and I still watch them every once in a while if I’m up for a good laugh. I must admit, I was really nervous and skeptical, but this episode delivered! I do hope Disney Channel doesn’t put any strings on the series, because I think this can go a long way! Usually pilots are rather awkward and not as funny because we’re being introduced to the characters and that can take a while to sink in, but this was not at all! I watched with my younger sister (to whom I had previously introduced the series) and we thought it was amazing. We cracked up and we absolutely loved to see that Cory is still amazingly paranoid and controlling in a sweet, adorable way. I think it will only get better from here! 🙂
    I specially loved Riley’s personality, we both said to each other in the very first scene “oh, she’s really Cory’s daughter”.

    I think what I was worried about the most was that Disney Channel has always made the same kind of shows, with beautiful girls, beautiful best friends, boys, clothes, super glamorous secrets and more of what’s already been done to death. Girl Meets World delivered the old-school spirit of a teen tv show – actual real life with real dilemmas, there are lessons to be learned in the episode and the issues the characters are dealing with are problems teenagers today have. Cory and Shawn were also mirrored in Riley and Maya, which was delightful to see and it was adorable to watch how Cory dealt with it – sometimes parents go through things when they’re teenagers that they forget when they’re older and parenting, but it was heartwarming to see this didn’t happen here.
    There’s also the fact that Disney Channel usually doesn’t do comedy that adults enjoy as well as kids, but GMW was still incredibly funny for me!
    Keep them coming!! 🙂

  • Sandi Lard

    I thought the pilot was great! It had some scenes that pleased people like me, Boy Meets World fans, but it also appealed to a younger more modern audience. It was a bit more quirky and upbeat, hello teenage girls, but I think it’s got great potential.

    I watched it with my 2 year old son and my mother.

    I was a HUGE fan of Boy Meets World! I was young when it first came out (I was two just like my son) but I have seen every episode like 10 times. I was one of the people who made the show MORE popular than when it was actually airing.

    The highlights of the episode, for me, were when Riley and Maya started the “No Homework More Freedom” chant. I distinctly remember an episode where Cory and Shawn did the exact same thing, something only previous Boy Meets World Fans would get. I liked that! Also, the Cory and Topanga scene and at the very end where Cory looks behind him and Feeny says, “Well done, Mr. Matthews.” Ah! I loved it. It’s weird, but I got chills.

    I think it met my expectations spot on. Boy Meets World started out a bit corny too and then it just kept evolving with the characters as they grew. Hello!? We’re all a bit corny in Middle School. I say, “Well done!” Can’t wait to see more!

    This show HIGHLY differs from other Disney Channel shows because of the moral lessons this show teaches. FINALLY! I stopped watching Disney Channel because the shows were just too silly with no real point. Even the original movies just don’t compare to the original movies I grew up watching.

    On a personal note, thanks for making this spin off. It actually kind of means a lot to me now that I have children of my own. We’re growing up!

  • Lauren

    *What did you think of the pilot?
    I LOVED it!

    *Who did you watch it with?
    My niece.

    *Were you a fan of Boy Meets World?
    Yes, super fan!

    *What were the highlights of the episode?
    Opening credits (paper airplane), Cory & Topanga, Feeny, “People People”

    *Did it exceed your expectations?
    Yes, it did!

    *And most importantly: how does this show differentiate with all the other Disney channel shows?
    In my opinion, a lot of Disney shows are cheesy and don’t exactly set he best example but I have a strong feeling that GMW is going to tackles a lot of issue story lines. I believe it will teach the younger generation how to be a great and set good examples unlike some of the shows today!

    I would love this box set because I I could I would literally sit and what BMW all day long! When my boys get older I will introduce BMW into there lives as it taught me a lot about problems I would face in the real world!

  • Zoe

    It was interesting. I liked it better when it got a little more real halfway through. That was part of the fun of the approachableness of the boy meets world was it just felt real with just a touch of silly. Disney has seriously got over run by bad over acting and they had a lot of that in the beginning of the show but it got better as it went on. I am definitely interested in more and of course verrry interested in winning this. 😉

  • Danielle T

    *What did you think of the pilot?
    I think both the pilot and the second episode were great… The pilot seemed a little like it was going to have too much of the Disney fluff they’ve been puting out in recent years (I grew up with the great shows they use to have which I wish played reruns like Even Stephens and Lizzie McGuire), however lets be honest pilots are rarely amazing bc they are primarily just the ground work for the storyline. The points they were trying to get across were definitely BMW quality, which reminded me that BMW was a pilot once too and grew into its greatness, which I fully believe GMW can too! The second episode which I watched on the Watch Disney Channel app proved to me that it is going in the right direction and with time will be quite a compliment to BMW.
    *Who did you watch it with?
    I watched it solo, didn’t want any distractions. Lol.
    *Were you a fan of Boy Meets World?
    Yes!!!!! It’s so great to see Cory and Topanga back on screen and Im so excited to see more of their relationship as well as guest stars from BMW!!!!!
    *What were the highlights of the episode?
    For me, the moment Maya says she has no one at home to help her w homework was the moment I decided this spinoff has the potential to be great! And that Mr Finny moment!!! I have high hopes!
    *Did it exceed your expectations?
    I’m not sure only bc I’m not sure what I was expecting… It certainly has big shoes to fill, but it didnt disappoint.
    *And most importantly: how does this show differentiate with all the other Disney channel shows?
    One thing I noticed in both the pilot and the second episode is the underlying message of things we learn as we grow into ourselves and how it addresses these realizations in a realistic way… Other Disney shows deal with petty issues or even if they are serious issues they address them in a dramatic way that would never happen in such manner and takes from the purpose… I will say this show does have a huge advantage bc we loved the charaters before they even filmed the pilot we already loved Cory and Topanga, after watching them fall in love it’s only natural we’d love their kids and of course Riley’s Shaun, Maya too. Bc we have BMW as the back story we appreciate the hidden nostalgia even something as simple as the classroom layout brings us back to BMW. This show has the potential to outshine all the other Disney channel shows… Right now I’m sure it has more adult fans bc of the nostalgia which is probably a Disney 1st! That being said once the younger crowd gets into it it will definitely be the #1 show bc the other shows are only attracting kids, which is ok bc Disney is for kids, but with something so golden that both kids and adults want to watch… It will have no competition and that goes for other channels as well!

    Can’t wait to watch gmw grow to the greatness of its predecessor!!!!

  • Daniel Davis

    Pick me I love boy meets world i watched since i was a kid and i’m a huge fan pick me

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