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Girl Meets World / May 1st, 2014

Girl Meets World Live Taping

Pj_campbell is a fan that we found on Instagram who gave his personal review of Girl Meets world. He answered some fan questions and we thought we can post what he wrote along with some Q & A he had with a fan here.

Their Instagram account is: http://instagram.com/pj_campbell

There are no spoilers, so you can go ahead and read this.

Last night, I got a chance to see a taping of Girl Meets World, the sequel show to a show I love dearly, Boy Meets World. I just wanted to share a few thoughts:

1)It feels right and just like its predecessor. Fans worrying that the show will be Disney-fied, it’s not.

2)Rowan Blanchard and Sabrina Carpenter are excellent as Riley and Maya, and they’re do lovable, just like Shawn and Cory were.

3)Ben and Danielle are just as amazing now as they were before. The chemistry is still there. Cory and Topanga haven’t changed at all.

4)I loved what I saw, and I think it’s going to please old and new fans alike. Can’t wait for the series to premiere in June.

Here is what they also wrote to another fan:

“Is it just as good as Boy Meets World?”
I thought so. It lived up to my really lofty expectations.

“Did it have life lessons and it is funny?”
Yes, it has all of it. Like I said, it’s exactly like what we’ve seen before. Here’s two additional thoughts: 1) The original series writers are writing this as well, so the tone and feel is exactly inline with what came before. 2) Michael Jacobs said he wasn’t willing to bring the series back if it wasn’t going to be as good as what came before. He’s very protective, and he knows that the fans are too. They took their time to greenlight it and make sure it works, and it shows.

They also wrote: Also, We actually saw two episodes too, because they showed us the pilot before the taping began. It was the sale’s pilot, but it was good to see a completed episode to gauge what it would be like. And it was exactly what I was hoping for. There’s a lot good to be had here, and I’m just glad that they took it seriously. I would have hated if this didn’t work, or felt like fake version of what we saw before. But it feels like a real, solid continuation.

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