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Girl Meets World / February 20th, 2014


Spoiler tags aren’t working on the mobile devices so you have been warned.


These are some of the emails we received from people who went to last nights taping! Check them out below.

Experience by Becky H

The episode that was taped tonight was called Girl Meets Farkle’s Choice. Farkle is playing a character similar to the role Stuart Minkus played in Boy Meets World. He is so funny and adorable. Farkle has to finally choose who he “loves” more, Riley or Maya. [spoiler]It is hilarious and ties into what they learned in Mr. Matthews’ history class. Topanga and Auggie’s story line this episode is absolutely hilarious and involves Auggie’s little girlfriend and her pretentious mother.[/spoiler] Their scenes have clever lines and funny jokes. The taping itself was so much fun and the cast and crew truly appreciate all the support they get from fans both old and new. Every once in a while, someone from Boy Meets World comes and visits the set to show their support for the spin-off. Going to previous episode tapings, I have seen ‘Eric’, ‘Shawn’, and ‘Rachel’. This episode was visited by MINKUS! The cast had no idea and were so surprised. It was so cool to be there and see the collision of the 2 shows right in front of my eyes. I am so excited for the show to start airing and everyone of all ages to enjoy it.

PS. [spoiler]A Glee cast member guest starred on this episode….Jane Lynch![/spoiler]

Experience by Myles Warden

Last night I attended episode 10 and I know I say this every time but this is seriously my favorite. Great shows hit their stride after a few episodes (and poor shows fall off the tracks). GIRL (as Michael Jacobs simply refers to it as) is obviously a great show and the writers, actors, crew, etc are all stepping their game up each show. It’s running so smoothly behind the scenes that it now takes about 2 and a half hours to shoot a whole episode. If you’ve ever been to a taping of a live show before you know they can easily run 3-4 hours. As far as the content is concerned the characters are becoming more multi-dimensional as well. This episode the usual quirky and goofy “Farkle” stretched his acting wings and displayed tons of heart, vulnerability, and sincerity. The name of the episode is “Girl Meets Farkle’s Choice” and he [spoiler]has to choose between “Riley” and “Maya” as dates to an awards ceremony that he attends annually. At first neither of the two is interested in attending the event since neither of them like him the way he likes them but after showing the girls how great of a guy he is and has always been the two end up fighting over who gets to be his date.[/spoiler] I won’t spoil the outcome but this results in some hilarious trickery and ends in a very touching moment. The level of maturity the actors are able to display along with the theme of the episode will take you right back to BOY. Overall the episode reminds you [spoiler]to not take your friends for granted and appreciate them for always being there. Also shows you not to do things for the sake of “winning” but because your heart is truly in it.[/spoiler]

The children were remarkable as always but I especially like the bigger role Danielle Fishel’s character played in this episode. (Are they reading my entries because that’s EXACTLY what I asked for after the last taping. Lol). There is a scene where “Topanga,” “Cory,” and her son “Auggie” [spoiler]are having a book club with Auggie’s girlfriend “Ava” and her mother and a few other children that is simply priceless. The scene displays what type of mother Topanga is (obviously the greatest type), some hysterical interactions between her and the other mother, and Cory ends the scene in brilliant and hilarious fashion also displaying how much of an awesome dad he is. It’s always great to see Topanga and Cory interacting with their children and seeing them choose certain parenting ways over others. They are the couple and mother and father we always imagined them to be. I even got a sense of THE COSBY SHOW for a brief moment watching Cory interact with the group of children which is ironic because Topanga is an attorney just like Clair Huxtable and they have other similar attributes as well (beauty, grace, the more sensible mate in their relationship, etc).[/spoiler]

Lee Norris aka “Minkus” paid the set a visit which was a huge crowd pleaser. Unfortunately he was not featured in last night’s episode. [spoiler]His GLEE castmate Jane Lynch was however who played herself. Her role as the host of the awards show Farkle attended was perfect. I’m a huge Jane Lynch fan and she never disappoints.[/spoiler]

The show’s experience was upped a notch for myself when Ben Savage took a brief moment to chat with the crowd mid-taping as he always does and spotted me on the front row and recognized me and thanked me attending (clearly it was my pleasure.) Same thing happened post show when my buddy Danielle (am I allowed to call her that now?!? Lol) recognized me as well and we posed for a quick pic (seen via Instagram: @themusicalsuperman). Attending tapings of GIRL to me is just as good as going to “The Happiest Place On Earth.” Thanks Disney! And thanks to Chelsey for the great seat!

Experience by Meg

On Wednesday, February 19, I was able to attend a live taping of Girl Meets World. My family was visiting LA from Rhode Island, and my parents and I are fans of BMW. We got to the studio at 1:00, and were the second people in line. More people arrived at 2:00, when the free parking lot opened, while we paid $6 to park at a lot around the corner. At 3:30, they started letting us in, and we went through security (they checked our bags and we went through a metal detector, but they allowed cameras and cell phones as long as they remained off while we were in the studio).  After an allowed bathroom break, we were shown in. We sat in the third row, which offered a nice view.  We were shown the pilot episode, and the man who warmed up the audience introduced the cast. It just so happened that Lee Norris, who played Minkus on BMW, was there to watch the show and he came out and hugged the cast and waved to the audience.  After introductions, they started filming, and showed us the scenes they filmed previously. 6 scenes were filmed live, while the rest were shown to us on monitors over the audience area.  The already filmed scenes had SPOILER ALERT special guest star, Jane Lynch, who played a small role as herself. In between one of the scenes, Ben Savage came over to talk to the audience and answer questions. He was very nice and patient with some of the more obvious questions. After the taping, almost all of the cast came out to sign autographs.  There was a metal rail that separated the audience area from the sets, but they came right up to the rail to meet us.  I managed to score autographs from Farkle, Auggie ( AKA the cutest kid you’ll ever see), Ava (Auggie’s girlfriend), Ben Savage, and of course the star of the show Rowan Blanchard, playing Riley. All of the actors were very nice and Rowan even asked me what I thought of the show, leaving me a bit starstruck. Overall, it was an amazing experience that I would recommend to anyone visiting LA.

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