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Girl Meets World / January 25th, 2014


We wrote a transcript of Ben and Danielle’s interview where they talk about if Boy Meets World Fans will like the show and if there will be any guest stars.

Access Hollywood: Do you think that the fans of your show will be satisfied with this, tuning into this and you know getting to seeing you guys back?

Ben Savage: Uh, I wanna say, I definely think they do and I know there has been some like reservations or apprehensions you know that it’s not Boy Meets World, it’s Girl Meets World and not all the same characters. You know, I, I, I think this show is a little different, but, it’s you know, we have a lot of the same writers, and the same producers and some of the same cast and it’s funny and I mean, I’m proud of this show and I think it’s just as good as Boy Meets World.

Danielle Fishel: I think in every episode, even if the entire episode isn’t about Cory and Topanga, in every episode there are moments, that will bring our older audience right back to Boy Meets World and it’ll be like no time has passed for them either. And so, I think, they’ll feel, I think that’ll be redeeming.

Access Hollywood: Will we see any of the old characters besides you two coming back on the show? Any cameos? Any guest stars yet?

Danielle Fishel: Uh, absolutely. There will be some guest stars and cameos. And uh, we have invitations out to any and everybody that we would love to have back and uh, hopefully at one point or another, they will all be returning at some point.

Access Hollywood: And how excited are you to actually get the show out there? Because there is so much buzz it’s like it must be you’re here filming and you must just want to get this to the fans so they can finally see it.

Danielle Fishel: Yeah.

Ben Savage: We want, we definitely want people to see what we’ve been working on. Because its maybe it feels a little cryptic at this point like its coming, its coming, but it is progressing. We’ve done 5 episodes at this point. I don’t know when this will air but um I mean it’s coming along and we’re…

Access Hollywood: You’re being kind of secretive about it though right?

Ben Savage: We are, but that’s, that’s, you know

Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel: That’s the way it works.

Access Hollywood: But why, why the secrecy to build the buzz on?

Danielle Fishel: Because some things are better as a surprise. Like It’s not as exciting when we tell it to you. And not to mention I think you know, everybody is ready to make their own opinion before they really have any hard evidence to make an opinion on. So the more information you give, the more you let things open to interpretation versus before we can deliver the product. And we’re all perfectionists. We want to deliver the best product we possibly can and so that means that we need to keep some things under wraps and make sure we’re doing everything the right way.

You can watch the interviews here: http://bmwsequel.com/2014/01/24/behind-the-scenes-of-girl-meets-world/

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