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Girl Meets World / December 30th, 2013 / 5 Comments


Thank you to shawnandangelasoulmates456 over at our forums, they found an interview about Trina McGee. Trina reveals past 1:46 that Shawn and Angela will have a storyline.

Check out the video here!


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    And I Wont Angliner With Jack Hunter Thery Have Good Realshinshipp To As Well Jack Hunter Shrd Married Agniner IN Gril Meets World

    And Tupanuga With Jack Hunter To As Well You Know ON Gril Meets World .

    And All So Cory Mathuers Has A Good Rashinshinshipp With Sahwn Hunter To Thery Shrd Get Long To As Well I Won’t Them Be ON The Gril Meets World IN The Show

    I Won’t Jack Hunter With Chet Hunter That’s Jack Hunter Ril Fother IN The Shor Gril Meets World Chet Sahwn To

  • Taylor

    What does that last comment even say?

  • Samuel Camacho

    Diddo Taylor

    really confused on the first Comment

  • Kristina

    Trina, Angela and Shawna just HAVE to be together. They made such a great couple. Angelia made him a better person. She is good for him., I hope you two come back, …for sure

  • BMW Fan

    All the time when Shawn and Angela were together,I wad hoping beyond hope that those 2 would marry. They were obviously very much in love. Please tell me they got married!!!<3

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