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Girl Meets World / December 5th, 2013 / 5 Comments


The writers gave us a huge hint today on who will be guest starring from Boy Meets World.

Here is their tweet:

We’re thinking it’s either Mr. Turner or Stuart Minkus as this was referred to on the Graduation Episode with Stuart Minkus telling Cory and Shawn he was on the other part of the school and then he said “Hey, Mr. Turner, wait up”.

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  • Kimberly

    I think it’s Mr.Feeny! And when they said other side of the school they meant….staff…not students….so…a teacher! Mr.Feeny or Mr.Turner.

  • matthew

    At the end of the series minkis said said he was on the other side of the school ,cory & shawn said “we don’t go their” so it’s minkis.

  • I called it… I knew they wouldn’t bring in Shawn so soon. I’m hoping they bring in Minkus. I want them to hold out on Feeny for a little bit… he deserves a PROPER wait!

  • Yeah I’m thinking Turner or Minkus because Rider and Will weren’t giving time to let the new folks take the spotlight for a while.

  • John

    Mr. Feeny is already part of the show in limited rolls, and that’s not what they’re referring to by saying other side of the school. Its an inside joke term from the “Graduation” episode. Its def either Mr. Turner or Minkus, I’m betting one of them ends up being a substitute teacher in an episode or two.

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