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Girl Meets World / November 10th, 2013 / 2 Comments


A lot of people think that Disney will ruin Girl Meets World and also that people are already jumping to conclusions that Girl won’t be good when it didn’t even air yet. Michael Jacobs, the Original Writers and Crew are returning so you should at least know the show will be great just like Boy Meets World. Please read this wonderful article written by Amanda that explains in depth why you should give Girl a chance.

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  • of course it’s going be awesome! the original writers of BMW plus all the original characters for the most part duh! I can’t wait!!!

  • I commented this on a friends post when we first heard about girl meets world back in Jan. I think it still applies now. We should give it a chance of course.

    A friend asked me what I thought of the new show coming out, since everyone in high school knew i loved that show. He almost regretted it immediately after asking this is what I wrote.
    “Boy Meets World, was not like any other sitcom that many of us watched weekday mornings and weeknights. Not only did the show give us a good laugh, but despite whether you admit it or not, it taught you something in every episode. The show followed the lives of a boy and his family and friends who all go through problems, issues, and events like all of us do. That is what made it special. Because ultimately Boy Meets World taught us that no matter how bad the world may seem to be testing you and challenging you, you know its the same world that has giving you your family, and even friends that you have met along the way to help boost you. And now many years later, Disney brings us to the table a possible sequel. Disney nowadays is filled with more goofiness and humor, which is good but in many of the shows I have seen I do not see the same life lessons that Boy Meets World gave us. The writers and actors are talking about it hopefully, being as good as its prequel. So it will be interesting to see if Girl Meets World can give us the same point of view, lessons, and emotions as Corey Matthews’ life did, and maybe just maybe, in the end it might turn out to be another show that influences many of our lives. But in order for that to happen, the show needs to follow strictly the framework, of Boy Meets World, in other words, write the show for the same reasons.. Boy Meets World was created.”
    Oh yes dont get me started on Boy Meets World

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