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Girl Meets World / July 2nd, 2013 / 9 Comments


Question: Do you have anything for Girl Meets World? —Sefket
Ausiello: Will Freidle is returning… maybe. The Biggest Show in Disney Channel History is casting a cousin for new leading tween Riley, and the smart money is on Cory’s big brother Eric being the parent.

I was the one who asked this question 🙂 .

Will Friedle may be a dad? He also may be returning? This will be AMAZING if this happens!

Source: http://tvline.com/2013/07/02/parenthood-season-5-spoilers-joel-julia-meredith-ask-ausiello/

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  • Well great because I don’t think nobody else fits right for the part of Eric Matthew As long as I can remember growing up watching Boy meets World Will Friedle always may be laugh so hard he plays the role Eric very well and he needs to return to this new showing of Girl Meets World

  • It would be amazing to have Will return in the sequel. It would be great if all members from the BMW cast could at least guest star in a few episodes. The only thing that could be missing now is Ryder’s return (Shawn) with his child 🙂

  • so i think the original cast should be in the series for atleast 1-2 seasons

  • did I read that right Will is maybe going to return for girl meets world as RILEY’S COUSIN weird I would think return him as her goofy uncle

    • Mar

      No. They are saying that Eric might be on Girl Meets World and are casting his son/daughter. Son/Daughter would be Riley and Elliot’s cousin.

  • So…any chance Feeny makes it back onto the show???

    • GMW

      Mr. Feeny is going to be in the Pilot. We don’t know if he’s going to be in future episodes.

  • Must Resist urge to do Feeny call


  • tessa no they are casting a cousin which means either Morgan, Eric or Joshua i hope all three come back!!

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