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Girl Meets World / June 7th, 2013

Rowan and Sabrina Disney Studios
Sabrina Carpenter had a interview with WetPaint

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Who is as excited for Girl Meets World as we are? The Boy Meets World spin-off is about a million childhood dreams come true. Cory and Topanga are married and have children of their own, including the titular girl, Riley Matthews.

And what is a girl meeting the world without her Shawn Hunter-style rebellious best friend? In Girl Meets World, Sabrina Carpenter plays Maya, the Shawn to Riley’s Cory. We were able to speak with the 14-year-old actress at an Actor’s Fund event in Los Angeles on June 6, and she had a lot to say about the her character, the show, and whether Maya will have a similar reputation to Shawn. Check it out!


Wetpaint: Tell me about your character, Maya!

Sabrina Carpenter: Maya is very much a rebel, she’s a little bit of an equivalent to Shawn Hunter. She’s Riley’s best friend and she’s so loyal to Riley no matter what happens. No matter all the trouble she gets into and we will get into a lot of trouble, she will always be there for Riley and Riley will always be there for her.


WP: What kinds of shenanigans do you two get into together?

SC: I’ll say there’s some fire, there’s a lot of stuff but I can’t say much.


WP: Is Maya going to be as boy crazy as Shawn Hunter was girl crazy?

SC: Hmm, I think I don’t if she’s boy crazy but she’s definitely easy with boys, she knows how to handle them a lot better than Riley.


WP: How would you say this show is different from Boy Meets World?

SC: This show is totally different because it’s Girl instead of Boy and girls are so different than boys especially in their brain! They think a lot differently, they act a lot differently and so you’re definitely going to meet the girl now.


WP: How would you say it’s similar?

SC: I would say it’s similar because it’s growing up, it’s growing up as a kid and there’s a lot of challenges that come along with it but there’s a lot of fun as well.


WP: You mentioned you were a fan of the original show?

SC: Yeah!


WP: What did you love about it?

SC: I love the morals it taught and I love it because there’s not a lot of shows like that on TV anymore. Just the creator Michael Jacobs, he is brilliant.


WP: Rider Strong was seen visiting the set, is he going to be a part of the show?

SC: I will say he definitely did come and visit, he’s very supportive. We also got to meet Will Friedle, so they both came to visit set.

It was so exciting chatting with Sabrina! Are you ready for Girl Meets World to start?

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