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thats a wrap
Rowan Blanchard had a interview with WetPaint about Girl Meets World.

Scroll down to read the interview.


Who better to give us the skinny on Girl Meets World than the girl herself? Rowan Blanchard plays Riley Matthews, the daughter of Boy Meets World’s Cory Matthews and Topanga Lawrence.

Now that Cory’s all grown up and has become a history teacher, it’s time for his kids to grow up and meet the world! We were lucky enough to speak with 11-year-old Rowan, who you might also remember from Spy Kids 4D, at an Actor’s Fund event on July 6.

Wetpaint: Have you seen any of the original episodes of Boy Meets World?

Rowan Blanchard: I have, I have seen a lot of it! I actually just watched the finale today! I watched the last episode and I was like my family is in tears, it’s so sad!

WP: What did you think of the show? How is it similar and how is it different to Girl Meets World?

RB: I haven’t seen it yet so I’m not sure how it’s different but I can say that it’s a lot like the show in the sense that it’s dealing with the same issues. And it’s not about a little girl who is singing or dancing like many of the shows, it’s strictly about a girl dealing with the situations around her.

WP: Tell me about your friendship with Maya.

RB: Maya is my partner in crime but she’s a little bit bad. She likes to get into trouble and you know I think that’s the good part of the relationship, we balance each other out. She brings the bad out in me, I bring the good out in her so it’s great.

WP: Tell me about your character, what is Riley like?

RB: Riley is smart, she’s very into academics, she’s caring, she’s a little bit sensitive but in the sense that she wants to experience everything. She’s really excited about the world and that’s basically why it’s called Girl Meets World.

WP: What is your relationship like with your big brother?

RB: Well I don’t have a big brother in real life so it’s kind of cool to have that relationship. It was cool because he’s kind of like my person to go to for advice.

WP: What is your relationship like with Ben and Danielle as your mom and dad?

RB: Ben because he’s my teacher in the show I think there’s some clashing there but we love each other obviously. And my mother’s caring, down-to-earth, she’s Topanga!

WP: Have you spoken to them about how it is for the two of them to be working together again?

RB: Yeah, I’ve heard stories. We were doing our makeup and Danielle was telling me how crazy it was that everyone was getting back together because we had a night basically the whole cast of Boy Meets World came and got to see each other for the first time in a long time so it was really cool to watch.

WP: What did you love about the original show?

RB: I like it’s honesty because I felt like they weren’t trying to be anything else. It was real, it was real feelings, it really could happen.

We can’t wait for Girl Meets World to just premiere already! Are you excited?

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